Eurogamer: Warrior Epic Review

Some may have reservations about the three-deaths-and-you're-done business, which can result in your losing out on hard-earned XP. Indeed, the target market for free-to-play games is the casual gamer - and it's the casual gamer who is most likely to run away from this situation, which due to the absurd state of affairs with the unavailability of health potions, remains unduly harsh.

Gamers looking for semi-free (most cash shop items aside from health pots being for convenience and cosmetics), Diablo-style action may well find something to enjoy in this quick-fix "MORPG", but in all honesty, it wasn't ready for launch in May, and still isn't. True Games has already announced the game's first expansion, for July; it will involve the PvP mode and a new region, but let's just hope it also involves that item shop finally laying out some stock.

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