Lair: Creature Presentation and In-depth Interview

Creature Presentation: From rhinos to flying behemoths, get a good look at the creatures of Lair.

Interview: Gametrailers sit down with the President of Factor 5 to get an in-depth look at the amazing combat and storyline in this much anticipated title.

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Watapata3747d ago

Great to see some more of the art behind the game design and see where they gained some of their inspiration as well. Nice interview as well, though I've heard much of it in other videos at this point, it was good to hear his comment at the end about buying all 3 consoles and enjoying what each has to offer.

techie3747d ago

oui that was nice. Puts his previous comments in perspective. "Don't hate us for making it for the ps3, if you can buy it then please do"...along those lines anyway. Still looking good.

I want to get me a mean ole dragon and toss rhinos into the sea. (no jokes)

Maldread3747d ago

the game looks great, but don`t you think the dragon throws the rhino creature a bit far ehh Deep ;)

techie3747d ago

You think I care!? It looks hella fun...and the groan they make when they get thrown made me giggle like a school girl. Who knows how strong they are...they're f*cking dragooooons.

DOn't you think it's strange there's bloody dino's flying around with men on their backs and breathing fire with helium filled mantas!? ;)

Maldread3746d ago

I hadn`t thought of it that way hehe ;) The game looks ace though

techie3746d ago

that was maldread, maldread...ace of base.

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nix3747d ago

hey.. deep nice work you've been doing so that we all can enjoy these amazing videos!

and in this case - sexybeast69, thanks for the tip! q:

mattkelly19913747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

lol, I aim to please ^^ lol

Violater3747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

Deep I can already tell if this game were online multiplayer we would be having contests to see who could toss the Tauros the furthest.

DJ3747d ago

And they've still only shown us a small percentage of the game. I can't wait to see what they accomplish by release date in late July.