Namco Bandai Introduces God Eater


Is there such thing as too much Monster Hunter? No, say the people at Namco Bandai Games. With MH Freedom Unite finally out in America and MH3 likely setting Asia by storm next month, the Japanese publisher has decided that now would be the perfect time to announce God Eater, a portable online RPG that is unashamed of its MH-imitatin' ways.

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Chris3993455d ago

While being an exceptional series, the "dino" aspect of MH always bothered me. I prefer classic anime/ fantasy. This looks like it will be right up my alley!

Can't wait to see more media on this game.

Perjoss3455d ago

'God Eater' the worst video game title since 'chili con carnage'?

STK0263455d ago

I actually liked both names =/

sinncross3455d ago

more PSP love, awesome!

MH is cool, so hopefully this plays well!

typikal823455d ago

as a long time fan of MH, I have to say this looks pretty cool

xino3455d ago

another farking PsP title:/

rockleex3455d ago

There's not enough.

For example, Square Enix just announced a new 4-player Final Fantasy game for the DS. It's going to sell well.

But I think more devs need to utilize PSP's Ad-hoc.