Rumor: Is Microsoft cheating their sales?

This is bound to be a controversial topic for many people, especially the fans of the Xbox 360 and the other consoles, so let's take it step by step. According to a post on Softpedia, there are rumors circulating about the accuracy of Xbox 360 sales figures, with Microsoft rumored to be the culprit of a little bit of cheating to up their numbers.

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BIadestarX4256d ago

Hurry! Get to the autorities! It's a very serious crime...

Ohh yeah... two things before I forget...
1) new source - PS3 Sony fanboys site.
2) The link too the source does not take you to the actual story.. is there any?

Babylonian4256d ago

It's just news and in this case a rumor. There have been many things on the this site but I think we should just read it and discuss it. Everybody has of course his or her opinion on a topic.

Don't sweat it man, keep it cooool;)

BIadestarX4256d ago (Edited 4256d ago )

Actually.. you got a point... no I wouldn't... if a xbox fanboy website would to say that Sony is lying about number in order to cheat investors into buying more stucks.. I wouldn't believe it... since it would probably hit the news first... since that's ilegal.. at least in the US. And by the way.. that's not an opinion is an accusation. You don't think there are people reading to start legal action against microsoft they moment this happens?

deepujatt20054256d ago

sorry about that

i fixed the link...

power of Green 4256d ago

And so it begins, the anti MS era will comence after the first AAA in spring.

shotty4256d ago

I click the link and it refers to none other than, so ya there goes the credibility same with VGA charts. The only real numbers to check out are the ones released by NPD and they dont include big retailers such as Walmart or so Ive heard. Honestly though, companies have always used this ship figure, sony does it too. To the manufactuer ship=sale since companies like best buy or wal mart pay for consoles when they receive them so microsoft or sony gets the money right away. The thing is if you ship alot then the retailers arent going to buy from you often since their shelves are full. microsoft announced the shipping of 10.4 million by the end of 2006, so im sure they shippped atleast 13 million by now.

Uganda644256d ago

No. They're aiming for 12 million by JUNE. Certainly not 13 million already, when they had to cut down forecasts from 15 million by June to what it is now.
That's because they never sold 10.4 million 360s. This is channel stuffing's after effect.

For the record, MS says sold, they mean sold to retailers, as in, shipped. Despite what some will tell you, Sony were very clear about this, and consider sold as sold to customers, and since they don't always have those figures on hands, they report shipped figures.

artman4256d ago

does it including the 360 replacement of red light and other defected released???

techie4256d ago (Edited 4256d ago )

Articles from are always posted on this site.

Whether good or bad, they should be posted. Those are the rules...and we've seen a hell of a lot of good and bad on both sides. There's no rule for you not liking the news, to report it. That's exploiting the system...yesterday a negative article about the 360 and disc drives was reported 166 times...please don't ruin the site. It's a multi-billionaire company...please don't let them rule over you like some God just because you like their console. Same goes for anyone.

A discussion about this, whether true or false can pursue in the comments.

TheMART4256d ago

Agree, any news should be posted.

Although the news of the disc scratching from the Dutch TV show is a bit fishy for real. The research behind the thing they claim, shows that they couldn't reproduce the scratching in the lab.

This TV show is known for overreacting just to get things done with big companies although they're not right in their statement 100%.

But Deep, are you the same as Deepbrown & Deeprambler having multiple accounts?

techie4256d ago

Yeah get bad news from everywhere don't ya...if it looks fishy then it looks fishy, but hey we get these lame reports on both sides all the time.

Hey and don't blame the kid who posted it, we know positrons of each side wont post the negative, so you have to leave it for the negatrons to do yourself :)

No new accounts, just new names :)

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