DOG Sneak Peek: Dead Space Extraction

Dog writes: "I was completely and utterly panicked with the first play of Dead Space on my up until then under-used 360. I was chased - whimpering like a petrified puppy - through a pitch black corridor and - as it turned out - into one hell of a situation and one absolute diamond of a game. At the point I realised this I thought to myself, "Well, this is just awesome"...

And now it's back. This time though it's on Nintendo's white box, which while it's a shame for those of us who go without (yes, I'm unhappy, that's me), it's great news for nunchuk knockers who have so far been deprived of admission to the Dead Space world. Further, while a nice Wii port as ingeniously horrific as the game's chop-me-up Necromorphs might have just done, allow me to waggle my finger hard."

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