IncGamers: ArmA II PC Review

IncGamers' Peter Parrish takes a look at ArmA II. Can this be the FPS of the year?

"Perhaps because they know a lot of players coming to ArmA II will be OpFlash or Armed Assault veterans, the makers have no desire to spell anything out. It might seem odd to say this when the game offers a multi-part Boot Camp tutorial involving everything from helicopter lessons to firing ranges, but the scope of the title is so deep that this can only really brush the surface of what's possible."

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Leord3458d ago

Oh, come on! It's still over average!

thereapersson3458d ago

This generation is full of spoiled gamers, I swear...

Leord3458d ago

"the weird robo-voices and bad writing are certainly here to stay."

Lol :)

Can't win them all!

Fyzzu3458d ago

Eh, that's about what was expected. Very much something for people who already knew they were going to like it, really.

Dorjan3458d ago

Maddox is ACE!! I want to be him :rofl:

thetamer3458d ago

I love this game, and i'm a little disappointed it didn't score higher, but I suppose everyone has their opinion.

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