Wolfenstein system requirements revealed

The official system requirements for Wolfenstein have been revealed on the community forums, suggesting 1GB of ram, a 256MB graphics card and 3.2 GHz processor.

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thereapersson3451d ago

Does anyone know if this supports dual core / quad core procs?

M337ING3451d ago

Given that this is modified Doom 3 tech, it's possible but not very likely.

meetajhu3450d ago

Most of the people think this game will have crappy graphics for those requirements. One thing they must know its running on Doom 3 engine with all next gen filters which was disabled default in Doom 3 even when running on Ultra high settings. This game is a first day buy for my PC!

StanLee3450d ago

From what's been shown of the game, it's graphically underwhelming. The tech seems dated but more than anything else, the animations, shadows and dynamic lighting were piss poor. I don't think the long delay has helped the project. Had it been released in 2007 it would have made more of a positive impact but in 2009, it seems mediocre at best.

free2game3653450d ago

on top of that the environments look extremely small and the gameplay looks slow and sluggish like it was designed for a gamepad and and not a mouse and keyboard