Patcher: "Consumers won't have a reason to buy 360 or Ps3 once WiiHD arrives"

Patcher talks about third party publishers making huge hits on WiiHD, aswell as capturing the core market.

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Product3454d ago

Oh Patcher, they still will. Exclusives may be hard to come by nowadays but they still exist and are a big part of owning multiple systems.

Cyrax_873454d ago

I don't see Gran Turismo or Halo on the Wii. Looks like people will have a reason to buy a PS3/360.

qface643454d ago

ill still buy all 3 of them just to have them i already do all i need now is my wiiHD

all it means to me is that ill be buying more 3rd party games on my wii if the price of the games remains at 50 that is

mastiffchild3454d ago

Yes, there's the exclusives for Sony/MS and brand loyalty, controller preference and , in PS3's case a big one in Blu -Ray if WiiHD doesn't leave DVD.

Pachter, and most analysts, didn't see the Wii coming did they? They continie being wrong about PS3 price cuts and, generally, have got little right at all this gen as far as I can see.

Syronicus3454d ago

Seriously now, can this guy say anything more dumb than this? He simply has proven to me that he knows nothing about gaming and that consoles are not games but the medium that brings us games and if there are exclusives on other consoles, they are the very reasons why we will buy other consoles. Please, somebody, tell this guy to STFU before he explodes from his massive amounts of stupidity.

shocky163454d ago

Must be on Nintendo's pay roll, m i rite?

Apocalypse Shadow3454d ago

this guy is a sh!thead.he just guesses without seeing future products and services from microsoft or sony.

if any consumer goes out and buys a wii hd after already buying a normal wii,you have been suckered........AGAIN.......

if you are a new customer and go out and buy a future wii hd expecting things like bluray,native 1080p or any exclusive ps3 features,you will be disappointed.

it's funny that he says:

**they have to bring the "next" generation Wii up to the Xbox 360 tech standard.**

guess they still can't achieve "the ps3 standard."


mistajeff3454d ago (Edited 3454d ago )

Let's all pause and take a moment to reflect on the beauty of how one retarded comment has brought 360 and PS3 fanboys together against a common enemy/[email protected] Group hug yall!

3454d ago
Rainstorm813454d ago (Edited 3454d ago )

I support PS3 and everything but no Wii will be on the level of Xbox 360 or PS3 the number one reason is Games. PS3/360 exclusives are enough to render this statement as ridiculous let alone PSN/XBL.
the quality and quantity of titles on those two systems are too much.

Alan Wake
Real COD
The Last Guardian

Are just a few games we would never see possible on a nintendo system no time in the near future. period

Michael Patcher please find a new job you dont know SHYT about the game industry.

Edit: I agree bubbles mistajeff

El Botto3454d ago (Edited 3454d ago )

Please do enlighten us, mr Pachter, but why exactly are people going out to buy a Wii HD?

First of all, many current Wii owners will feel pretty pissed and betrayed if a new Nintendo console comes out "tomorrow". You know, companies can release a new console everyday if their resources allow them but that doesnt mean that people are going to run out and buy all these new consoles.

Consoles actually have lifespans of many many years. And even if some 13 year old fanboy is going to comment on my post and claim "but, but, but you are wrong El Botto, because I would buy it", nothing will change the fact that consoles are meant to be used for many many years.

People have limited funds to purchase things in real life. And if you used some of those funds to purchase a wii, youre not going to use some more to buy the Wii HD when it comes out a year later (unless you are a die hard Nintendo fanboy core with too much money or a stupid fool who wastes his life savings on Wii HD that will be OBSOLETE again in another year or two).

Bottom line: people have limited funds and need to chose what they buy.

Nintendo doesnt even know how well the Wii motion plus add on is going to sell! Hell, they are waiting for wii motion plus sales to see if they want it in the new Zelda or not. That tells you that even they have doubts how well they can convince their base to purchase another add on. If they have doubts about an ADD ON, what do you think their chances are for something thats 7 times more EXPENSIVE? A new console?

Which brings me to my second point. The price of the new Wii HD. With the new Wii console updated to compete against PS3 and 360, its gotta have powerful new components. This raises the pricepoint to what exactly? 300? 350? 400? And Pachter thinks people have no issues spending another 350 on a wii when they already spend 250 on the original Wii, another 40-50 bucks on the Wii motion plus?

Good fking luck! Haha

Third; claiming that people have no reason to buy a PS3 or a 360 is false. I mean 360? Perhaps. I can see why people would not want to purchase a 360 over a Wii HD. Simply because 360 does not have any differentiating factor over the Wii HD. Plus, Nintendo has a better brand image, better (and more) first party line up and has a proven, albeit rather simplistic, motion controller. In short, a Wii HD has many many advantages over MSs 360.

But against the PS3, this is simply not true. Sony's Playstation brand is the strongest in the videogame industry. Sony has a first and second party line up that is rivalled by no one. They are industry leaders. Furthermore, Sony has genuine advantages that differentiates themselves from the Wii, namely Blu Ray, the standard HD format. Lets be honest here, they own Blu Ray no matter what these 13 year olds claim. Hows Nintendo going to get a new format in their console? Cos they sure as hell aint getting Blu Ray! Is there another format out there thats next gen but also cheap enough to be incorporated into the console? Last time, I checked there was only one format that met those demands and that format died last year when Toshiba pulled the PLUG out of HD DVD!!!

The bottom line is this. 360 does not differ from Wii HD but PS3 does differ. And PS3 has genuine advantages over both Wii HD and 360.

Fourth, both MS and Sony are coming out with their version of the motion sensing thingy, with Sony's "wand" having the highest possibility to compete with the Wii. With that being said, Wii HD will have lost a genuine advantage they had over the PS3 and the 360 "soon".

But the wii cannot TOUCH PS3s online and MSs XBOX Live. The reality is that Nintendo is lightyears BEHIND in the online department. This is not something they can remedy within a year. They cannot simply say "ok, lets do wii HD and bring our online on par with our competitors". If it was that easy, competition wouldnt be possible! Reality is that it will likely take Nintendo a few years before they can come up with a form of online component that is at the level of the media bar or XBOX Live.

To come to the wii's defense, the wii base or wii audience dont really care about online since they are the casual folk. The point thats being made here however, is that PS3 and 360 has a genuine advantage over the wii HD in the online area.

Finally, there is also the 3rd party support and line up. Right now, 90% of all the studios develop for the Playstation and the XBOX 360. With new hardware components, come new risks. Developers will have to upgrade their systems to match the Wii HDs hardware and depending on the specs, developers will have to learn how to develop for the Wii all over again. This is not something that is taken lightly. New investments, mean new costs for developers. They need to have a reason to develop for the Wii HD. Because its not even sure whether the current Wii base can be considered as the starting base for the Wii HD. I mean, what do we know? Is there backwards compatibility? Is the same casual audience going to follow Wii into HD era when they dont care about HD?

In short, I think its fair to assume that many developers will NOT consider the current install base as the base for the Wii HD. Therefore, risks are high for developers which will hurt third party support for Nintendo.

All things taken into consideration, its clear why Pachters analysis is yet another failure. He clearly did not do his homework before running his mouth again.

I fail to see how Wii HD will "make the PS3" obsolete. That "Wii HD might make the 360 obsolete", is a real possibility however.

El Botto knows what he is talking about. Bubble me up.

Anon19743454d ago

The fact is, there's a huge contingent of gamers out there that simply won't play with the Wii-mote. It's as simple as that.
Playing a game where I need to the waggle the controller to do what a button press would isn't's annoying. Many gamers feel the same way. They can rebrand the Wii all they want but the controller is a deal breaker for many, and it just so happens this is the contingent that's buying video games.
Plenty of people have picked up the Wii, but are they doing much gaming on it? Nielsen data and attach rates say no.

And on top of that, people expect their games consoles to do more than just game. My PS3 is the center of my home theater - with Blu-Ray, Divx playback, media streaming, DVD-upscaling, video rental, social networking, video conferencing as well as kick ass gaming. The Wii simply can't fill those shoes.

Pachter's usually got a point, even if his predictions don't always come to pass, but he's out to lunch on this one.

kesvalk3454d ago

man, i am ashamed by this guy, as a nintendo supporter, i am ashamed that this guy have so obilivious thoughts...

he must be on crack...

Livenow3454d ago

after all he is a highly educated man. I think he's just ignorant (cue the MJ soundbite from that one South Park episode) about gamers and what gamers want.

Information Minister3454d ago (Edited 3454d ago )

Wii sports in HD will destroy all other consoles... ALL I tell ya! And don't even get me started on Wii music. /s

nothere4133454d ago

lol... this Patcher guy is quite the jokester.

stevenhiggster3454d ago

You could just as easily say "people wont have any reason to buy a Wii once Natal/PS3 Motion Control arrive"
How dumb is this guy!

randomwiz3454d ago

why would they?

the 720, and the ps4 will be out by then

rockleex3454d ago

This is the question he needs to answer first.

And it definitely isn't the soccer moms who'll buy Wii HD.

N4g_null3454d ago

Syronicus what are you talking about man?

"He simply has proven to me that he knows nothing about gaming and that [consoles are not games] but the medium that brings us games and if there are exclusives on other consoles, they are the very reasons why we will buy other consoles."

What the hell is that man? Console are not games? Do you need a reboot or some thing? Yes we do buy other console for exclusive if we really want that game, you know we do buy consoles to play games you know.

Any way Patcher is shooting in the dark but nintendo does have some options if they will use them is I guess up to them. I'm not sure if he understand what is coming though since he doesn't really make games.

Silver3603454d ago

reason would consumers have to upgrade their wii? They are not traditional gamers that need the latest in tech. What would make a current Wii owner upgrade?

Axecution3454d ago

It sounded like sarcasm.

"360 and PS3? Who needs those when you could get the WII HD!"
xD xD xD

SinnedNogara3454d ago

I can see where he is coming from, but this won't happen. Both the PS3 and 360 have games and features that will keep gamers interested. Personally I believe that Natal will fail with hardcore gamers (you can't play hardcore games with Natal) and the Motion Wand for the PS3 will be released too late.

Mini Mario3453d ago


"Are just a few games we would never see possible on a nintendo system no time in the near future. period "

Wasnt there a GTA game on the DS.....>>? And the DS is a "nintendo" system, correct?

thesummerofgeorge3453d ago

What a dumb thing to say. It just amazing... I wonder if he's dumb enough to actually think that or if he's just reaching for hits. It's not as if the Ps3 and 360's only advantage over the Wii is the resolution.

AAACE53453d ago

I didn't want to accept it, but I guess there is no other option... Patcher is stupid!

Xbox Avatars Shoe3453d ago

I can think of a lot of reasons:

Halo - M$ owns the rights

Gears - No way in hell that will ever leave 360/PC

Sony first party developers - "First party" says it all. Games like KZ2, LBP and Uncharted are the reason I love my PS3.

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Megaton3454d ago

Oh Pachter, the source of so much laughter, and so many facepalms. What would we do without you?

Dark-vash3454d ago

And they are called GAMES!

Raz3454d ago

Yet another BS article about how one of the Big 3 is going to trump the other 2 in the next generation.


Gorgon3454d ago (Edited 3454d ago )

I can hardly wait to stop caring about Uncharted, Alan Wake, Team Ico's games, Deus Ex 3, Mafia 2, Red Dead Redemption, Fallout, Alpha Protocol, etc, so that I can play Zelda and Super Mario instead in glorious HD!


Oh Patcher...

mistajeff3454d ago

Oh man, I forgot about Deus Ex 3.. you know, it feels like each year I think to myself, how could next year POSSIBLY be better than this year? Yet each year it shapes up that way.. 2010 already looks epic.. think about the stuff that's going to come out that we don't even know about. I wonder if it'll top this year? Assuming the massive array of incredible-looking titles don't flop this fall/holiday.

Oh, and none of the titles I'm looking forward to are coming out for the Wii. I'm sure all of these developers are just clamoring to port over all their pre-WiiHD multiplats......

shawnsl653454d ago

Patcher needs to get his brain patched.

ShabzS3454d ago (Edited 3454d ago )

so what? this guys just wakes up every morning and guesses the future?... and he gets paid for this??? where do i sign up?

solidjun53454d ago

Seriously, I love my Job but If I could do what do part-time, get paid very well and look like an idiot at the same time, I would be set for life.

mistajeff3454d ago

You mean I've been saying stupid sh!t for free all these years? Time to start charging for my services!

solidjun53454d ago

Hopefully Gametrailers will hire us since they love to pay this fool to be on the internet!

Gue13454d ago (Edited 3454d ago )

Even if Nintendo added HD support to the Wii, graphics are going to look the same. Maybe a little less blurry but the increment of resolution will bring a lot of jaggies too. If Nintendo wants to bring HD then what we need is a completely new console, not same Wii specs with HD, that wouldn't change a thing.

If only the Wii had full shader support like the first Xbox things would have been very different. It is like comparing the Genesis to the Super Nes. The Sega Genesis had more processing power but the Snes had better effects and that made most of the games look better. Now we have the Xbox vs Wii were the Wii has more processing power but the Xbox had better effects and most Xbox games look better.

A shame for a 250 dollars console.

----------------------------- ------------------------------ - ---------

edit: I know my comment is kinda off-topic because that's not the point the article tries to explain but I just looked around the Gamer Zone and people are really stupid even though all of them have a lot of bubbles.

Anyway, this article is not about how you will abandon your favorites core games of the PS3/X360 to go all out Wii... The point Patcher makes here is that the Wii will not lose the casual market to the other consoles just because they will provide new ways of gameplay(think Natal, Sony Motion Controller) with HD graphics because soon the Wii will have HD too.

evilmonkey5013454d ago

Patcher is the anti prophet. He is ALWAYS wrong. seriously, go check out his predictions. He cant even GUESS one right....fool shouldn't even get paid to do this he's so bad at it...seriously, my cat has a better understanding of this stuff (just from exposure)