GamesRadar: Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Cuts Back Gore

Xbox 360 owners have been enjoying Ninja Gaiden 2 for a whole year already and until now PS3 owners have had to settle for their 'Sigma' version of the first game for their ninja killing fix. Finally an updated version of NG2 is heading to the Sony machine, but while it's bigger and better in almost every respect, there's one thing that's certainly not. Gore.

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sonarus3450d ago

Lack of gore is still quite disappointing but oh well. Overall its still a better deal all things considered.

Besides god of war 3 will satisfy every desire for gore my silly gaming mind can come up with

TheHater3450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

"Journalist" and certain fanboys are complaining with the lack of over the top gore in Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 on the PS3. However, they are also complaining about the fact the God of War 3 has too much gore. Would they make their minds up already?

I do not get why certain site pull out the Hubble Space Telescope when it comes to PS3 exclusives.

sonarus3450d ago

As a HUGE God of War fan i have to say that yes GOW3 has way too much gore for its own good. Pulling out a titans eye and getting bathed in the fukin blood that gushes out is not normal.

That being said i'll be buying special edition GOW3 i just hope its worth while

Kurylo3d3450d ago

You know whats strange about this? Its the fact that you guys are mentioning God of WAR... which will be a hot game. But it has nothing to do with ninja gaiden 2. There trying to show that the ps3 version lacks the gore the 360 version has.... God of war doesnt even enter that comparison...

What makes laugh about ps3 fanboys is that when they see a multiplatform that looks worse on their console... they will immediately show a game that is an exclusive in the same category like it justifies that hte multiplatform is worse. So ninja gaiden 2 is less gory... u gotta mention god of war to make u feel better... Prototype looks better on 360? no problem u will just mention infamous... but that still doesnt show that infamous and god of war would probably look better on a 360 given the chance to port it lol.

PirateThom3450d ago

Actually, Prototype looks better on PS3, inFamous is just the better game.

The Meerkat3450d ago

The PS3 version of Prototype has a vaseline filter.

thereapersson3450d ago

The PS3 version of Prototype features shader effects not found on the 360 version

El Botto3450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

And they use NG2 to back this up.

The reality is that gore had NEVER been in any previous NG series with the exception of NG2. NG2 is the anomaly here and not NGSigma 2.

And not only did the gore add absolutely nothing to NG2, NG2 was also considered to be less than the previous titles by many NG fans.

NG Sigma 2 is to redeem this.

Syronicus3450d ago

One day the games for PS3 have too much gore and now they have too little... Seems like that hypocritical journalism is coming out in full force again.

It would not be so bad if the media these days did not make it so easy to see there hypocrisy but my god they just can't seem to cover it up enough to make it subtle in any way. Pathetic if you ask me.

I am a fan of all game consoles but it is amusing to see just how pathetic the media is these days. You would think that the PS consoles managed to physically abuse these crack journalists as children...

The Meerkat3450d ago

Yes it does.
But look at the sharpness and detail in the 360 images and the V-lock.

El Botto3450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

They also complained about HOME and all the other social features, Sony added. And many said and I quote: "not needed at all, Im still not buying a PS3!"

But they danced around like little monkeys when Facebook and the other social featuress were announced by MS 2 years later.

They also said that 360 was for gaming and that PS3 is a Blu Ray player and that they dont want to watch movies on it.

But then they danced around like spoiled little children when MS announced movie downloads.

They also said PS3 lacked games in 2006 and that the majority of the games on the PS3 is also available on the 360. Now that the roles are reversed and 360 owners have to literally wait a whole year for just one hyped up exclusive while everything else is also available on the PS3, not one of these journalist see the need to complain.

They also said PS3 is a "waitstation" and that there are no games to justify the PS3. Now that PS3 has TONS of triple A and TONS more to come, suddenly "PS3 has to many games" and its all coming down to fast.

When PS3 games can be finished in 10-15 hours, its "too short" and not enough to justify the PS3, but when 360 games can be finished in 8 hours, its the best thing ever since sliced bread!

When PS3 games show low res in close ups, the PS3 is suddenly equal or less powerful than the 360. But now that PS3 games look like state of the art CGI graphics, suddenly graphics arent important anymore. Well thank you for that fine observation, bottos, I think Ill take gameplay AND CGI graphics (yes, since its PS3, I can have both cakes) only possible on the PS3.

The hypocrisy of these fine gentlemen who are for sure either 1) paid by MS or 2) try to suck up to MS as much as possible and hope that maybe one day, they will get a job at MS, or 3) are genuine, blind, hardcore fanboys who are void of any logic.

lordgodalming3450d ago

Personally, I prefer the toned down gouts of blood. The moves are still plenty brutal, and as long as the controls are perfectly responsive and the gameplay is tough as nails, it'll still be Ninja Gaiden for me.

Besides that, anyone who really wants to see fountains of blood and amputee enemies crawling grotesquely after Ryu can still buy the 360 version. The existence of Sigma 2 doesn't erase the orginal NGII.

I also echo that GOWIII is so absurdly violent that it should slake any gamer's bloodlust.

Rainstorm813450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

you are exactly right its the hypocrisy of the gaming media but you forgot all about Natal...... Where was the Eyetoy hype or even hype for the new ps3 motion. bbbut Natal is the best ever. Even when sony showed more variety in their controls but ooops they did didn't show a flashy promo vid. I like all things games but i speak on all thing PS3 because MS has legions of journalists spinning the truth.

PS3MOTION = advanced Wiimotion
Natal = advanced eyetoy

whats the difference hype then both or condemn both.


the guy above you brought up GOW because he said he will get his fix on gore with that game. PS3 fans feel the need to bring up exclusives because half the time exclusive game "X" is better than most multiplats in its genre. If you do a list of top games in their genres alot of PS3 games will top the lists the only argument you will run into is FPS.

sonarus3450d ago

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 lacks the same bloody nature of the original but even in that video its clearly evident the game looks

Sporting better graphics, more content and coop play i have to say despite having to wait for over a yr, Sigma 2 is simply worth the wait.

I would prefer if gore was present but the gore being toned down for better graphics and more content plus coop is a thumbs up for me

Trebius3450d ago

Ps3 gamers have to "Settle" for their sigma version. They act like we're getting a bad version. Of course it's bad since it's on Ps3 right?

Even though it has better graphics, more content, co-op, damn we have to settle for sigma? :\ lol.

I feel bad for 360 owners that see their exclusives go to ps3 with loads of extra content...then they act like it's not a big deal because (insert nitpick fanboy reason here)

FamilyGuy3450d ago

We're still getting the better version of this game and the graphics have been upgraded too.

Wasn't the blood in NG2 the cause of a bunch of visual glitches? This new version irons that out and makes more sense as it was mentioned above, NG2 was the first in the series to have over-the-top blood and gore.

We can still dismember enemies and now it'll look even better.

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dragonyght3450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

they cut back on the blood maybe in the latest video i notice you can still dismantlement body par of the enemy

ptotoy3450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

seriously, though, i would rather have less gore than the choppy framerate on the 3fixme version..

oh yeah, this author is an xbutts.. notice how he used "settle".. yeah, the ps3 will "settle" for the bigger and better version with all the bugs fixed.. buddy is probably butt-hurt because they lost another exclusive..

EDIT: holy sh!t, the article from gaysradar. the site that gave infamous a 7 and prototype a 9.. LMAO, this is a xbutt site for sure..

-MD-3450d ago

Never had FPS problems on my 360 version sorry yours was bad.

Too_Hyped3450d ago

Yeah, gamesradar is one of the 2 or 3 websites in the world that didn't acknowledge Infamous was superior to Prototype.

It's definitely one of the last existing biased xbots sites, along with Kotaku and Edge.

RedPawn3450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

Oh No! This can't be true, because my enjoyment is now ruined.

The NES Gaidens were way more bloody, S*** time to sell my POS3 for sure/sarcasm w/ a hint of lime.

DarthMoose3450d ago

I never played ninja gaiden 2 before since I never owned a 360 so less gore doesn't bother, plus its the gameplay that interests me. I you haven't played ninja gaiden 2 before you most definetly going to enjoy this.

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