Rumor: Marvelous porting Wii game to PS3/360

Publishers making the decision to port titles from the Wii to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 is often considered to be an unusual occurrence.

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knox3457d ago

interesting i dunno if this is true or not but itd be itd be cool to play muramasaa on the ps3 or 360
but we dont even know if itd be that game
guess well see and i guess marvelous really isnt happy with wii sales after all if they doing this

AAACE53457d ago

I hope so! Muramasa is what got me thinking of picking up a Wii again. I hope it gets ported over, because there are a few good Wii games that are missing their market because gamers like me don't want to be bothered with a console like the Wii.

rockleex3457d ago

They are motivated by NATAL and PS Motion Controller.

qface643457d ago

yeah im saying its probably muramasa looks like a great game

also notice the fact that they are saying port
a game like muramasa can be easily ported to the ps3/360 with barely any work and done

funny thing about marvelous though if they published their wii games outside of japan they would actually make more money since allot of their games sell better in other teritories

xabmol3457d ago

Yes Please!!

1080p would be nice too.

Day 1, If true! :D

Smacktard3457d ago

From what I've been hearing from people on N4G, it doesn't sound like Muramasa will sell on the HD consoles unless it's on PSN :/

I hope if it does get ported that it sells well. The game looks like it deserves to.

PirateThom3457d ago

Well, put it like this, the whole game is less than a GB in total size on Wii, about 620MB based on torrents of the game. There's PSN downloads that are bigger than that, so there's no reason it couldn't be on PSN, but priced in line with the Wii version.

SpoonyRedMage3457d ago

Hmm, I wonder how the game will do if true...

knox3457d ago

wouldnt be surprised if it does better on ps3 and 360 since marvlous said they feel like crying ovr wii sales.

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