Jaffe Showing New Game to Sony

Examiner: "After having a Twitter update appear about making a video with Sony next week, David Jaffe has posted on NeoGaf that he won't be announcing a new game next week. He will be showing it to Sony, however."

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kurochi3371d ago

what it could be? Hopefully, it's an entirely new game.

SpaceSquirrel3371d ago

It's pretty much confirmed to be Twisted Metal.

TheHater3371d ago

actually, Jaffe said in one of this video blog that he wanted to work on a superhero games like spider man. So I will not be surprise if it is not Twisted Metal, but a superhero game.

SpaceSquirrel3371d ago

Maybe it will be a combination of both. Jaffe's been dropping hints on a new Twisted Metal game for awhile now lol

Mo0eY3371d ago (Edited 3371d ago )

Mickey Mania 2... I hope. That game was so badass.

Edit: Attached a video of Mickey Mania for you new schoolers/nay sayers/disagreers.

Syronicus3371d ago

I'm hoping for a Twisted Metal but to be honest, if he came up with something along the lines of God of War but more of a current day anti-hero, I would be equally excited.

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LinuxGuru3371d ago

Whatever it is...I must say I'm excited.

LinuxGuru3370d ago

Why did I get 5 disagrees for saying I'm excited for David Jaffe's next game?

a_squirrel3370d ago

I dont know, but SOMEPEOPLE are going around hittin the disagree button for fun

rockleex3370d ago

And those 5 people who disagreed know that you are IN FACT not excited.


Mo0eY3371d ago

Twisted Gods of Metal War

DelbertGrady3371d ago

Twisted Gods of Metal War. As in Heavy metal. As in Brütal Legend. Nevermind...

LordMarius3371d ago

"My guess is that we are looking at announcing the title right after the New Year but that's out of my hands."

Damn, Hopefully someone leaks it
I still think its Twisted Metal

TheHater3371d ago

everything get leak before it is announce. I would not be surprise if it is leak later this year.

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The story is too old to be commented.