Top brands of 2008 owned by Nintendo, EA, and Activision

Wedbush Morgan Securities' 2009 industry report includes a list of the top thirty brands of 2008. The report notes that of the companies whose brands appear on the list, Nintendo, EA, and Activision were the only three with more than one brand to generate over $100 million at retail in the US last year.

And boy, did they. The top brand of the year, Guitar Hero -- perhaps you've heard of it -- was responsible for $992 million in US sales in 2008. The next two brands, Mario Bros. and Rock Band, generated $761 million and $662 million, respectively.

One company is notably absent from the top brands list: "Most strikingly," the report reads, "Sony had no top 30 brands for the third year in a row." Microsoft had two brands on the list (Gears of War and Fable) and Nintendo had four (Mario Bros., Wii Fit, Wii Play, and Pokémon).

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rucky3458d ago (Edited 3458d ago )

Whew the hate against Sony today is staggering. Keep it up anti-PS3 sites, I know how hard it is for you all to accept that PS3 is still kicking a$5 and providing a great gaming experience to gamers around the world. Sony show you games and the media only show sales and Natal. lol What a joke

inbfour3458d ago

this isn't even subtle.

DasBunker3458d ago

lol @ the "and not sony"

they know sony and the PS3 is what gives them hits... so until you realise that and stop giving them what they want this kind of articles will keep rolling in..

Stevie Ray Vaughan3458d ago

You guys are hilarious. Activision is considering dumping PS3. lmao...come back to reality.They are just STATING REALITY. They dont do it for hits(lmao its the truth)....its a fact that PS3 is a Flop and just read the article. All they are doing is STATING FACTS. Not what you want?? Because its the truth and PS3 isnt popular? You chose to buy the PS3.

"Sony had no top 30 brands for the third year in a row." Microsoft had two brands on the list (Gears of War and Fable) and Nintendo had four (Mario Bros., Wii Fit, Wii Play, and Pokémon).

2010 = Microsoft breaking the scale with big brands

dogmeat eater3458d ago

AND NOT SONY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!! Quite lame. Well C ya niggas, I have to get my sh!t ready for the 4th.

Aclay3458d ago

There may not be a Sony owned franchise on this list, but Metal Gear Solid sure is: "Metal Gear Solid (Konami) $ 77 million" and since the ONLY Metal Gear Solid game released in 2008 was ONLY on the PS3, some credit should definantly be given to the PS3 and Sony for raking in all that money for Konami.

MGS4 was arguably the biggest PS3 title in '08, and by far the best selling PS3 title in 2008, and for that reason, I'm not really surprised there isn't any Sony owned title in the Top 30... but still, Metal Gear Solid being up their is an accomplishment, and it's up their in the Top 30 because of the PS3 and Sony advertising and promoting the game as well as they did (Yes, MGS4 actually had VERY good advertising).

The article title might as well have said: "Top brands of 2008 owned by Nintendo, EA, Activision, and not Microsoft", because a M$ owned brand wasn't in the Top 3, but of course, we all know that sites put PS3 or Sony in the headlines for extra hits, like always.

ZombieAutopsy3458d ago

i think MS might own Lionhead so ur half right, that is if they do own them. But Gears was made by EPIC and last time i checked MS didnt own them, so yea u actually make a good point MGS should of been given to sony. Its funny to see people disagree with you when u state facts.