IGN Too Human Preview (New video and 11 new HD screenshots!)

IGN is starting off its week of Too Human coverage with this five page preview, 14 minute video preview, and a multitude of new screenshots.

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ChaosKnight4262d ago (Edited 4262d ago )

I kinda hope this title is a joke considering this isn't Mass Effect, but Too Human =D

But really cool stuff! Been questioning if it'll be good or not... this turns my perspective on it better, but still not in the green for me yet.

power of Green 4262d ago

Hmmm. I wonder if thats Thor or Oden that always seems to be with Buldur.

Cant wait to see if Valkarie is good or evil she seems pretty bad ass for a hand-maiden.

I'm getting this! for the story alone!; they went through alot of trouble developing this story. This will be great!, battling and befriend gods with cyborgnetic abilities. I read the story takes place in the past and will make sense at the end of the trilogy and tie into our realality in the story ofcousre.

Rouge War machines evolving into a murderous race of AI's isn't new but Humans Using advanced weapons and then finally Turning themselfs into Cyborgs is hot! considering they got addicted to the power of being so powerful(GODS).

Norse Mytholigy/Quality Story/Advanced Gameplay with Next-gen capabilites=AAA.

bung tickler4262d ago

still need to fix the news summary. it says mass effect there too.

Drew4262d ago

Fixed again.

That's what I get for trying to multitask.

nix4262d ago

i approved it! hope the mistakes has been corrected!

kornbeaner4262d ago

Graphics look great!
Details look to be aiming for the TOP!

But the gameplay looks lame.

I like great graphics just as much as the next guy but i need some meat in the gameplay, and this just looks like barebones.

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The story is too old to be commented.