Pachter: Current console cycle to go on and on, expect lots of SKUs

Joystiq writes: Wedbush Morgan's Michael Pachter already told us about the inevitable WiiHD (inevitable to him, anyway), and that he thinks this cycle will be the last, and in his massive 201-page report Wedbush Morgan sent out recently, he reiterates both, but pointed out that this console cycle will outlast any other in history's past due to two things: HD displays and cons

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Newmanator3452d ago

I always thought that's how businesses make money these days.

The Master Chief3452d ago

I'm starting to wonder if hes right. I hope we do see new consoles eventually.

saf1007923452d ago

he seems to be wrong an awful lot

N4g_null3452d ago

The Master Chief I'm starting to wonder the same thing because his track record does not matter logic says it is not a good time to launch a new console in the middle of a recession. SONY is saying you won't see a console till 2017 it seems. MS has just now made it to the red and nintendo would alienate it's Wii fan base if their next console cost way more than the Wii.

So this tell me nintendo and MS are the possible candidates for a new system. Nintendo has proven they can launch a new system during this time the DSi yet it is a SKU system also. Could nintendo use the handheld strategy on the home console market? Actually when you look at it that stragegy is what caused many others drop out of handheld gamning simply because they could not keep up. If nintendo did do this and they where successful then it would truly be a knock out punch for one HD console maker.

MS isn't going any where and they have the pockets and new tech that will power the larrabees and the new direct x 11 stuff. The only thing stopping them is the idea of losing what they have worked for, yet they are not beyond juggling some new skus with possible upgrades also.

This is a dangerous move not unlike the sega 32X thing or the various cd addons. I guess the trick is making it all one package, even sales man don't sale you cars in pieces. So far nintendo is better at the packaging since they have the frist party power to move all types of hardware from addons to new systems all by them selves.

Hey but who knows....

no_more_trolling3452d ago

i dont want a new console anytime soon. graphics are just fine this gen

just add new skus with new functionalities, a bit of treaking wouldnt hurt

plus if a new system drops ill have to learn to mod it all over again :P

KionicWarlord2223452d ago

Patcher has been making a lot of predictions lately.