New Battle Suit Gundam: Battlefield Record Scans Emerge from Famitsu

GOONL!NE: New scans of Mobile Suit Gundam: Battlefield Record have emerged from Famitsu.

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TheHater3451d ago

100K sales in the first week. I am call it right now.

Xof3451d ago

I am really digging the new mobile suit designs. With the 00 movie and Unicorn coming up, it's a great time for the franchise.

Speaking of which, I wonder if this game will try to tie into the plot of Unicorn somehow. Granted, I'm not all that familiar with Unicorn other than the creepy engrishu (Full Frontal!) and awesome mecha designs, but IIRC the story inolves "something" that was present at the start of the Universal Century.

I hope they do. Mostly because I have a hard time imagining that a creative, imaginative storyline is even possible at this point in the OYW-Gryps War era.


Also--why not follow Project Pegasus' lead and include some MS from Ecole du Ciel? Let's see some GM trainers, at the very least--and maybe, hell, the le Cygne herself.

ReaperXL73451d ago

I just really hope this is better than Cross Fire, it's such a shame that Gundam can't usually get good games made for it. Especially since it's such a great anime.

I'm not the biggest fan of Wing mind you, but i'm a huge fan of the franchise as a whole, Mobile Fighter G Gundam might be my favorite, either that or the original Mobile Suit Gundam.

Xof3451d ago

Gundam has a higher percentage of good games than any other big sci-fi franchise.

It's just that most of them never come to the United States.

I mean, just look at the entire Gundam Battle series on PSP, Project Pegasus and Lost War Chronicle--and even Climax UC on PS2--not to mention stuff like Gihren's Greed, and Alliance vs ZAFT II+.

Freakwave0033451d ago

Man, I feel like watching the original Mobile Suit Gundam again.