Microsoft to Bring Silverlight to Xbox Live

Media Post has the scoop on the imminent arrival of Microsoft Silverlight to the Xbox 360 platform. This cross-platform technology is Microsoft's response to the popular Adobe Flash format. The arrival of Silverlight aims to boost campaigns on Xbox Live by turning ads into interactive and interconnected experiences.

By bringing Silverlight to the Xbox 360, Microsoft will enable companies to build advertising campaigns that span four screens: computers, mobile phones, Surface and now televisions. MediaPost reports:

Silverlight-powered media on Xbox will have the same appearance as ads seen on a Web browser. Think technology that competes with Flash, only supported by 6 million Silverlight developers worldwide who now have the option to tap a variety of Microsoft tools and technologies and develop marketing campaigns for Xbox.

"Today, movie trailers are available in a high-definition (HD) format, but Silverlight will deliver 1080p HD and 5.1 surround sound without discs directly into the Xbox." Sean Alexander, director at Microsoft's Advertising Business Group, told MediaPost.

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The frame work, but the apps?

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For what reason? There sure are a lot of deletions on this topic and i know my posts were on topic AND i read the article so what gives?

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ask why dis or i did not murder him (he should know)

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Anyway, this is cool. Just one more neat thing to add to my 360 come December. :D

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