Co-op originally planned for Dead Space

Dead Space almost included a co-op mode until EA ultimately scrapped it.

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Raptor3425d ago

Co op would of ruined it imo.

Dead Space was a horror game. You are all alone inside this ship, so its always tense and you're on edge.

With a partner, you lose the horror factor because you have TWICE the firepower and can watch each other's back.

KyRo3425d ago

While i agree RE5 was scare-less, Co-op can work in horror games. RE Zero was scary at times and that was with Billy always following you.
The two RE:Outbreaks done a good job easel. I think a RE:Outbreak would work well today if it still used the old style gameplay with the limited ammo etc.

Frnicatr3425d ago

"RE Zero was scary at times and that was with Billy always following you. "

I never played Zero so I don't know who Billy is but as soon as I heard that I thought of the ghost of Billy Mays following you. I scared myself thinking of that. :(

But I wouldn't mind co-op in this game. I think it'd still be scary to play and it'd be fun to see your friend get scared like a little faaggot.

3425d ago
Syronicus3425d ago

Sorry, but Dead Space is a personal experience and to have a partner would have ruined the many scary parts of the game. In no way would having co-op been a good thing for the atmosphere of the game, unless of course you cannot handle scary stuff and needed somebody there to hold your hand...

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VMAN_013425d ago

yeh RE5 was not scary at all due to its co op nature imo

HDgamer3425d ago

It would've ruined the moments late at night.

riksweeney3425d ago

Let's hope they keep it this way for the sequel

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