Magna Carta 2 Trailer

Examiner: "Microsoft of Japan added a new Magna Carta 2 trailer to the Japanese Marketplace. Sporting a solid graphics engine, Magna Carta 2 will, hopefully, be better than the original. You can be the judge of that by watching this 6+ minute trailer."

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Sonyslave33456d ago

hell yeah this going to be better then the first one.

Kamikaze1353456d ago

Wtf is this? Is this footage of the game running on the PS2 or something? O_O

Myst3456d ago

Real-time battle elements makes me envious and I'd buy a Xbox 360 to play it and some other games if I wasn't saving up for a new guitar; yet is it me or does it seem really slow whenever they are moving? I'm assuming it's just due to something else and not the game itself, but I could be wrong.

Homicide3455d ago

It must be the video. The other gameplay videos aren't as slow as this, and the audio is out of sync...well for me anyways.

I hate how the game zooms in when the character executes a special move and whatnot. Looks annoying.

-MD-3455d ago

Nah Dynasty Warriors does that kind of thing and you really don't notice it.