Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Momiji gameplay TKE edition

Tecmo Koei Europe gameplay edition video shows off more of Momiji's gameplay. Displaying her Ultimate Technique, On Air U-T, Ninpo, Sub Boss battle with one of Tengu tribe and cutscene.

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xino3451d ago

Be careful contributors when submitting stories, because we have mods who automatically fail articles with 1 mistake:/
I submitted an article for Momiji's cutscene yesterday, someone (possibly a mod) reported it saying the link was broken (which wasn't). And the article was automatically failed for no reason:/

There is nothing wrong with the link before nor with this article's source/link.
It links to Tecmo's Facebook page, you don't need to login to watch the video. If you can't see a video image, you need to install the latest Flash player.

Sonyslave33451d ago

okay where the hell all the blood and gore go?

i thought this was suppose to be the ultimate ninja gaiden game.

RedPawn3451d ago

Right where it needed to be, in a completed product.

Gue13451d ago

This looks very cool!

belal3451d ago

xbots jealous :) nop exclusive charcters extended gameplay and better graohics :(

oh what is it called again?

oh yeah riiiight: *cry me a river*

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