Uncharted: Drake's Fortune movie has been in production for the last year-and-a-half

AmyH, Creative Director of Naughty Dog has announced, in a recent liveblog over at the official Playstation Blog, that the U:DF movie has been in some form or another of production for the last year and a half.

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doctorstrange3401d ago

This means that the movie will be out sooner than I thought, anyone know average production times for movies?

Teddybee3401d ago

Cant wait for the movie, hope they'll show a trailer soon

meepmoopmeep3401d ago

i'm curious

are they remaking U:DF into film form
or using the name and making a whole other story?

anyway, they're in good hands Avi Arad is good.

doctorstrange3401d ago

I'm supposing its based on the game, albeit loosely, including the whole Sir Francis Drake thing as well as the ending.

RememberThe3573401d ago

So I don't think we'll see this film until mid to late next year. Hopefully they are looking to release it as a summer flick. It would be a perfect fit.

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Cajun Chicken3401d ago

I hope the film is significantly different than the game, I don't want exactly the same ending, because I'm probably going to know what'll happen at the end of the film straight away!

doctorstrange3401d ago

but then again I dont want it to be totally different as I still want it to be true to the franchise

SpaceSquirrel3401d ago

Hopefully, it turns out good.

spectyre3401d ago

has the release year at 2011. No other info on the movie is posted.

JL3401d ago

Yea I'd say that would probably be about right. If they're still in pre-production or even development still(which obviously they are with no director or actors named or anything. and Ward currently working on the script maybe?), then 2011 sounds about right. Especially considering the nature of this movie and it being a big budget one (i'm sure). Now they still have to go through more pre-production. Then we got production and filming. And being as I'd figure they'll most like film on location at multiple locations, filming could take a while. Then you'll have post production which will be a very big process on a movie of this nature. So I'd say 2011 at the earliest probably. Summer of 2011 would be a

Eiffel3401d ago (Edited 3401d ago )

I wonder if the "video game into movie equals P.O.S" scenario will have the same effect on this upcoming movie. I honestly see it as a curse now. I hope it at least turns out good. Hopefully its animated and not live action, live action would be just a suicide mans game.

JL3401d ago

I don't think live action would ruin this. You can go ahead and get it out of your head though, no chance in hell this is animated.

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The story is too old to be commented.