Nintendo DSi: The Pricey Downgrade

"If you recently sold your DS Lite and bought a DSi, sorry pal, you're a sucker!"

Don't get mad at me (Alex Shaw of P*N), get mad at Nintendo. They promised you an upgrade. The ability to buy brand new mini games and a sleek form-factor with a slightly bigger screen. All they took was that useless old GBA slot that was taking up so much room. Unfortunately for you, that means you traded the best SNES games and frankly some of the best handheld games for Mario Clock, Mario Calculator and the ability to buy small, or "express" portions of other games. On consoles we call these demos and don't pay for them. It was, in effect, a downgrade.

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LiL T3425d ago

I think I will keep my psp.

SpoonyRedMage3425d ago

Yer Nintendo are really ripping people off. So have you set aside $250 for a PSP Go yet?

Tony P3425d ago

Hate to disagree so vehemently with the author, but if he took a few seconds to look at a spec sheet he'd see plenty of upgrades.

DSi adds:
2 cameras for new functionality
internal memory (256 MB)
expandability via SD card slot
16 MB of RAM instead of 4MB (that is 4x the RAM)
and a faster main cpu

Those sound like decent reasons to raise the price. And I didn't even mention the software upgrades. The GBA slot is a loss but let's face it, DSi also gained much. 'Downgrade' is just completely inaccurate.

LiL T3425d ago

Can you read.. I said I will KEEP MY PSP, which means I already have one why would I need $250 to buy a go! Thanks for coming out though. If I were to buy a ds I would buy a cheap one for Korg ds-10. I already have a good olympus digi-cam and a olympus SLR (non-digi).

gintoki7773425d ago

monster hunter freedom unite ftw! =) i have a dsi too

Ju3425d ago

Well, that PSP comment was a bit offtopic, don't you think ?

Anyway, I agree with the author, though. I got my son a DSi after he wanted one for his birthday and his DS Lite broke (and I didn't want to spend the money on a new top screen). Well, it was fun at first, playing around with the camera and all - until you find out how Ninti screwed us over. 640x480 camera ? Are you kidding me ? SD Card songs must be m4a ? No MP3 support ? WTF.

And well, the missing slot is the icing. Not to mention that the damn DSi doesn't run the Action Replay. So, I ordered the top screen and fixed his old DS. Now everything is fine again, with the DSi collection dust. Total waste of money.

darthv723425d ago

I can see the potential the dsi can bring. Nintendo needs to realize this potential and bring out such things as a virtual handheld service (like VC on the wii) or possibly the cross platform playback of titles that can work on both the wii and dsi. There are lots of wiiware titles that could work on the dsi but more importantly the idea of being able to dl a VC game to the sd card, put that card into the dsi and play it sounds great.

We just need to get nin to follow through. I actually like the paper airplane game as well as the bird and beans. Simple easy to play and they get kind of addictive. My wife is a big dr mario fan and when she isnt playing the old gba ver or wii ver she is playin the dsi ver.

I am a bit bummed that there is no flash support but that only comes from the lack of minimum specs in order to run it (according to adobe). Nintendo could come up with their own form of flash adaptive codec and then sites like youtube may work. That is more of an Opera thing really.

If nin never brings out the [rumored] streaming service for the wii/dsi or virt hand service I am sure there will be homebrewers that will have something similar. There are already dsi flash cards hitting the market.

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SpoonyRedMage3425d ago

Yay! Lets ignore Mighty Flip Champs, Mario vs Donkey Kong Minis March Again, the Art Style Series, Real Football 2009, Pop Superstar, Asphalt 4, Dr Mario for the sake of argument.

Seriously, a lot of the updates have been terra-bad but it's already got a decent selection of quality titles and a lot more coming in the future.

dragunrising3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

I hardly ever used the GBA slot. This is a moot point to many or even most DS/DSi owners. There are a few games worth the cash for DSi download. I am always on the go, so cheap, quick DSi games are perfect for me. I already have 3 so called "apps" for the DSi:

Mario Vs Donkey Kong: March of the Mini's
Art Style: Pictobits
Art Style: Aquia

Each game is great in its own right and perfect for passing time.

Mario Calculator, clock, screen saver, etc I'm not all that interested in. I'll take the good apps and everyone else can complain about the bad ones. If there is a feature that notably blows for the DSi I would point out the web browser. Its not even worth the effort. Ditto with the music player. A PSP it is not. There is plenty of good things about the new DS. The camera is low rez but a lot of fun; likewise with the voice recorder. Expanded wireless security protocols are also welcome additions (too bad its not retro active).

Doctor Mario is also good.

I find it frustrating that so many article whine about the DSi not having a GBA port. Choice is good. Pointing out the obvious is too easy...try again.

ConsoleFreak3425d ago

Right so i suppose the improved speakers/microphone (hardware + software) isnt an improvement over the DS Lite. Hmm let me see, oh thats right, the improved brightness im sure is nothing. How is the touchscreen software of your DS Lite ? Better than the DSi?

Look if you really want to play GBA games then get a friggen GBA and stop using the DSi. Its that simple. Otherwise get an emulator and play it on a portable computer or PC.

Lets be frank. In my case i bought the DSi to play DS Games , not GBA games or snes games. Truth be told, they are porting some of the old GBA/SNES games to DSi/DS Lite but when that happens ill just not buy it and emulate it on my DSi.

In the end, its your decision.

IdleLeeSiuLung3425d ago

Personally I like the form factor of DS Lite over GBASP. Thus I prefer to be able to play my GBA games on the DS Lite.

A particular game I like to play is Puzzle Fighter... That is a no go on the DSi. I buy my systems to play the newer games, but welcome the ability to play my existing catalog. Because you don't do it, doesn't mean others don't.