Tony Hawk Ride Feet-On Preview

With Tony Hawk: Ride, Activision is looking to spice things up again. Instead of focusing on interpretative controls--where a button press results in an onscreen action--Ride attempts to merges the onscreen and off-screen action in a way not yet seen. The game will ship with a skateboard controller full of high-tech accelerometers and sensors that allow the board to discern player movements and translate them onscreen. But will it actually work?

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SlamVanderhuge3454d ago

I like that they are trying something different, but I have zero faith in Activision to pull this off. Seems like they are milking a long dead and rotted cow. Not buying it, if only to sent the message out there that we don't need more plastic littering our living rooms

SirLarr3454d ago

Agreed on all points. What does it do that a balance board can't?

ahnonamis3454d ago

Tony Hawk has been irrelevant for years now. Restarting a dead franchise with an expensive and space-wasting peripheral is a bad idea.

I remember playing games that use the skateboard/snowboard in arcades back in the day, and they were just a pain in the ass. I don't see this being any different.