Spellborn bankrupt, TCoS will become free-to-play

Spellborn Works BV has declared bankruptcy. As a result, starting in 2010 The Chronicles of Spellborn will become a free-to-play MMORPG.

Until 2010, all players will still be required to pay a subscription fee to play, but there will be no bug fixes or added content in the game.

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iheartdestr0y3452d ago

I suppose that's both good and bad news. I mean, good for our money, bad for theirs.

ahnonamis3452d ago

Not good for your money if you happened to be one of the people playing (and liking) the game. You can either stop playing, or keep paying a monthly fee to pay a game that will have no developer support until 2010. And you KNOW there are going to be bugs and balance issues that need fixing.

y0haN3452d ago

Man, people think MMO devs are money grubbing but so many of them lose their jobs because of lack of popularity, it's a shame; the amount of work these people put in and it's really a big risk because if your game isn't as good as the competition, nobody is going to pay to play.

Cenobia3452d ago

They should make an MMO Open Source like Linux.

How fudging awesome would that be? People get to do sh!t they like, and we get to reap the benefits for free. Constantly updated with new content. God dam I need to copyright/patent this idea.

They'd just need to run it like they do Linux, so no crazy coder breaks the game.

y0haN3451d ago

Copyright the source.. does not compute.

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SlamVanderhuge3452d ago

I see free-to-play becoming the standard MMO method. Gets people in, then bangs them over the head with microtransactions and advertising. Less risky, and gets more people involved at the outset

SirLarr3452d ago

I agree. I weep that F2P MMOs weren't around when I was in junior high and high school.

TheSmokingManX3452d ago

That's unfortunate in that there won't be updates. That's what keeps an MMO alive as much as anything outside of an active community.

cain1413452d ago

Hate to see people go under...

bjornbear3452d ago

Maybe it'd shift more copies? and gain populairy...i mean, monthly payment only works with big hitters like WoW and even City of Heroes...i guess its a hit or miss for these guys.

If it sticks, big bucks...if it misses...bankrupsy. Its a shame.


ahnonamis3451d ago

The main problem is Acclaim just doesn't know how to handle subscription MMOs. Buying Acclaim Coins to pay a monthly fee? It's such a stupid and obtuse method.

On the bright side, Acclaim DOES know how to handle free-to-play games. Unfortunately, that means people who were paying for Spellborn the last four or five months are going to be SOL until 2010.