Online Cinema Mode Confirmed For Uncharted 2

Mike Hartnett at writes: "In yet another piece of Uncharted 2 goodness to be released today, Evan Wells, Co-President of Naughty Dog, has just announced the introduction of Cinema Mode for the online portion of the game."

Wells states: "And of course our Cinema mode allows you to play back any of your matches and view it from ANY angle. You'll also be able to upload those recordings so others can download them and view them on their PS3's. You'll also be able to upload screenshots from that mode as well."

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Hobadoon3338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

I love replay options.

FamilyGuy3338d ago

How many times i can write Day 1 purchase before i annoy myself.

Tarasque3338d ago

Sweet great feature, can't wait to use it. I used the one in Halo3 quite a bit.

Hobadoon3338d ago

some pretty crazy machinima made from this feature.

GVON3338d ago

" has just announced the introduction of Cinema Mode for the online portion of the game."

wow,I thought I was six months younger for a second,then I realised this was announced a long time ago,there was even the option (locked) in the said cinema mode.

I can't wait to use it proper though,I love editors like this

rockleex3338d ago

They should implement a Director's Mode like the PS1 game Driver had.

I imagine a lot of people would create some awesome videos with it. Then upload it to Youtube with voiceovers. Create some funny Uncharted parodies, side stories, etc.

Kind of like Red Vs Blue.

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bjornbear3338d ago

It just gets god =( its almost nauseating xD

y0haN3338d ago

Like the Theatre mode from Halo 3? Pretty good..

FamilyGuy3338d ago

When Halo 3 was coming out and this was mentioned i almost bought a 360. Just the thought of it was awesome and i wondered why it wasn't in other games. I hope the vids can be saved directly the the ps3s HDD as well as being shared.

I'd show friends some of the awesome things i was doing in the beta. Throwing a grenade across the entire map, at the beginning of a round, and blindly killing two or more people is just awesome.

poopsack3338d ago

ive never played halo 3, but seeing theather mode in action on youtube is just effin amazing, all the action right there at your disposal.

table3338d ago

yeah but this will be much sweeter than Halo3 because the graphics are incredible in this game. It will be like watching your own CGI film.

doctorstrange3338d ago

This could be part of Playstation Cloud, more and more PS3 games seem to be hinting at this feature

NJShadow3338d ago

Crap, that's a really good point. I hadn't even thought of that! I'd say you're more than likely right!

Godmars2903338d ago

Notice that they didn't mention Youtube.

TheColbertinator3338d ago

Sweet.I enjoyed the Theater Feature

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