Lair: Gamers Day Trailer

Here is an off-screen video of the Lair Gamers Day Trailer.

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techie3815d ago

I wanna ride a f*cking dragon! And none of you will stop me! NONE OF YOU!!!

techie3815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

Back off or I'll flame you with my super duper fire! ps. I've bloody seen Rock Wallabys. They're cool. So are Wallaroos

N4G_FANBOY_CRAP3815d ago (Edited 3815d ago )

you were short you could probably ride a wallaby, almost as fun :)

This game is looking pretty sweet, hope the game-play holds up, like they said it would get pretty old flying around shooting fire but the addition of dragon v dragon & rider v rider, upgradeable combos, landing on the ground should be a great game.

The graphics(even at this low quality) really are shaping up well hope it meets it's launch date (currently june 1 here in aus)

techie3815d ago

It'll be end of July mate sadly. But you get Ninja Gaiden before then ;)

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TheExecutive3815d ago

This game is looking more and more like a AAA game. I dont know that anyone can deny this now... I wonder what Killzone will really look like. This E3 will be one of the biggest in gaming history FOR ALL CONSOLES... this winter? no doubt going to be the biggest winter in history...

LSDARBY3814d ago

too true, This is going to be the biggest year in gaming

techie3815d ago

ps. how the hell are they going to do game of the year with so many great games coming out on all consoles!?

I think they should give it to GOW2 and be done with it, otherwise there might be fights!