Blue Dragon anime series gets licensed

Akira Toriyama's anime series just made its debut in Japan on April 7, 2007 and a few days later Viz Media announces that they've picked up the rights to the anime and manga. Both will be released in North America and Europe, but a date has not been set. There is something else interesting in the Blue Dragon announcement, a potential release date for the Xbox 360. While there have been rumors about Blue Dragon possibly being bumped up, Viz Media says Microsoft plans to release the game in North America and Europe in August 2007.

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ChaosKnight4257d ago

That was fast. Then again Viz is a pretty big Shonen Jump publisher so I'm not too surprised about them picking it up, but i am pretty surprised they picked it up this soon considering other animes like Bleach and Naruto took years before they got licensed =P It should be entertaining, hopefully they don't screw it up too much...