Lens of Truth: Prototype Comparison (720p)

Lens of Truth writes, "Finally, Lens of Truth got a chance to sit down with the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of Prototype. Although Prototype has been out for over 2 weeks now, we had planed to compare Prototype the week of its launch, but on the day of this comparison an unexpected game slimed our entire staff and consequently postponed this comparison. So now that this long overdue Head2Head is finally here, which version of Prototype will evade the horde of infected and shape-shift into the superior version."

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Greywulf3456d ago (Edited 3456d ago )

Just like the 360 can't handle MGS4.

Elven63456d ago

Who said Prototype does or doesn't use the SPU?

Greywulf3456d ago

Uncharted says it? ... MLb09.. says it?

You dont think that Radical optimized their game to run on SPU's do u?

Elven63456d ago

Err, so just because a game doesn't look as good as another title that means it's not using the SPU? That's not very good logic to be going by,

Greywulf3456d ago (Edited 3456d ago )

to the 360...and 360 code isn't made with spu's in mind. Because they are different architectures. So when you optimize for SPU engines, you don't have to rely on the brute force of the GPU. The PS3 can handle both types of engines, but one is bottlenecked without SPU support. Which is why most SpU titles run technical/graphical/physical circles around multiplatform & 360 exclusive titles.

No, I wasn't saying "JUST BECAUSE X DOESN'T LOOK AS GOOD AS Y IT BLAH BLAH" With these specific technical issues you bet? Yes, thats exactly what it means. If you did it, you'd get a better result, but a costlier development cycle. when a game is designed to not use spu's the title will suffer. Its like driving a v8 with only 2 cylinders active, which will run the 360 code fine, but it wont be remarkably better than the code optimized to run equally on all consoles. Plain & simple.

Its already proven that the PS3 runs games that are visually/technically/resolutio nally(new word) superior to all console games. But not when you tie one arm behind its back.

Fishy Fingers3456d ago (Edited 3456d ago )

I imagine every game uses the SPUs in one way or another, whether they're fully optimized or not is a different matter. Same goes for the 3-core CPU in the 360. Like most multiplats they probably aim for an even keel.

morganfell3456d ago

Exactly Fishy. Every PS3 game uses at least one SPU.

tuglu_pati3456d ago (Edited 3456d ago )

"PS3 can't handle multiplatform titles that don't use the SPU.."

That has to be the most retarded thing I've ever heard and to make it worst you have 3 agrees, unbelievable.

On topic, who cares the games is not that good anyway.

@ below

And you now all this because???? Are you developer?

Greywulf3456d ago (Edited 3456d ago )

wouldn't run without the basic1. I mean when you utilize the SPU to take loads off the GPU, you wont run into issues. Stream loading/animation blending/sound channels are all manged this way in a beautiful orchestra when combined, Which multiplatform developers aren't really after. Which is why multiplatforms that don't really utilize the SPU for what it is end up forcing the 360 code into 2% of its potential in the first place. And shockingly it runs on par at a retarded capacity.

La Chance3456d ago (Edited 3456d ago )

"Just like the 360 can't handle MGS4"

Yeah thats why Kojima productions said MGS Rising will look better than MGS4.

Moreover Splinter Cell Conviction already looks better :

And theres NOTHING absolutely NOTHING you can say that can convince anyone that YOU know better than Kojima productions. If by some miracle you do know better than Kojima Production about MGS Rising, then come out here and tell us.

Raf1k13456d ago

wow man, you really dug a hole for yourself

snaz273456d ago

i clicked the link you previded to have a butch... i was expecting something phenominal by the way you said its better than mgs4... but i have to say really you need to check your eyes cos that was so so so very average and underwhelming... mgs4 looks 10 times better, and ive only played the demo cos i dont really like konami, due to there odd decision of making gamers use there online id instead of the psn id... but i have to say the graphics in mgs4 did blow me away... really how you can say splinter cell is better is beyond me really. and the lock on targeting of splinter cell is wack dont you think? lock on targeting really takes the skill out of a game i feel.

Jaces3456d ago (Edited 3456d ago )

I'm to busy killing to notice, haha. Love the game by the way.

@La Chance

MGS4 is outdated, what you need to be comparing to is U2, GoW3, Heavy Rain, KZ2, etc...

YogiBear3456d ago

...but you are still not playing as either Solid Snake or Big Boss so who cares?

y0haN3456d ago

LaChance why do you have to troll? If you said things more objectively maybe you'd have more bubbles.

Splinter Cell Conviction does look really nice though, love that franchise. Will be downloading it on PC :)

evrfighter3456d ago

"so who cares? "

Graphics whores...which interestingly enough make up about 95% of ps3 fanboys.

ptotoy3456d ago

remember the days when xbox fans were laughing their ass off at infamous' graphics -- saying no AA and a lot of jaggies.. but prototype was no better

now, this similar open-world sandbox game looked fugly next to infamous because it was limited by the crapbox.. admit xbox fans: if prototype was a ps3 exclusive, it would have looked better and on par with infamous.

in the end if you want the best looking sandbox game this gen, buy a ps3 and get infamous.. just stating the facts, folks

randomwiz3455d ago

I thought they WEREN'T using the MGS4 engine for rising

Greywulf3455d ago (Edited 3455d ago )


Mark Reign & Epic said Gears2 was going to be "bigger better and more badass" as well. As we stand right now, the 360 can't run MGS4. Nor does any game on the 360 currently touch MGS4, and hasn't since the launch of the 360. Which has been 3 years. We will just have to take words over reality.

The fact that the only title you can use in a graphical argument hasn't been released yet its completely hilarious, because it proves that well.. the 360 has no graphical chops that can hang with the PS3's old games, let alone the new ones.

Giant LOL @ splinter cell vs mgs4. You're high if you think the two are graphically comparable, well not high.. but you have no choice. MSG4 can't run on the 360. Period.


@ SDF rage.

Multiplatforms are gimped on the PS3... stop pretending otherwise. They aren't the best versions of the games from a techncial standpoint, the 360 has the best versions of multiplatform games. Simply because the PS3 is retarded to run games that max out the 360. Yet pull of MGS4/Kz2/Uncharted2 with ease when not restricted.

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Shogun Master3456d ago

Great video LoT. Too bad prototype should have stayed just that, a prototype!

evildeli3456d ago

This game is boring, and exactly like inFamous. I'd like to see a round two with these head to head though. Take the winner of Prototype and the winner of inFamous and see which one looks better.

Nelson M3456d ago

PlayStation 3 (70.0%, 14 Votes)
Xbox 360 (20.0%, 4 Votes)
Tie (10.0%, 2 Votes)

And it looks like the PS3 version Does Too

user39158003456d ago (Edited 3456d ago )

Lets see what they said about prototype and the winner is +

Graphics = Both versions had the same texture resolutions throughout.

Performance = The Xbox 360 wins in terms of performance due to minimal screen tearing and consistent frame rate. Also the Xbox 360 had a further draw distance with its shadows.

L O A D I N G = Considering the PlayStation version did have a mandatory one minute install weighing in at 619 mb, the load times were a tad slower by a second or two. But not in every case.

C O N T R O L = Tie. Both games had the identical button layout and features

Both games look and played almost identical to one another and declaring a victor could not be justified. Minus the minor shadow and screen tearing issues from PS3, Radical Entertainment has done an excellent job porting Prototype between platforms.

The author its an idiot, has the right motives of what to look for, but cant get to the right conclusion.

WTF just look at all the difference you wrote and you will see that the 360 won again and stop been biased towards the BBQ Grill. Some people can write, but cant comprehend what they wrote. Geez where are they getting this writers from 4th grade english comprehension level?

Eiffel3456d ago (Edited 3456d ago )

LOL! he's going by votes, stupid fuk.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3456d ago

'KILLZONE 2' WINS!!! ;-P (AGAIN!!!) ;)

ptotoy3456d ago (Edited 3456d ago )

remember the days when xbutts were laughing their ass off at infamous' graphics -- saying no AA and a lot of jaggies.. but prototype was no better

now, this similar open-world sandbox game looked sh!t next to infamous because it was limited by the crapbox.. admit xbutts: if prototype was a ps3 exclusive, it would have looked better and on par with infamous.

in the end if you want the best looking sandbox game this gen, buy a ps3 and get infamous..

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