Windows 7 Pre-order for >50% off until July 11

Canada, USA, Japan promotion ends July 11.

Europe promotion is selling the full retail editions for slightly more than Upgrade in USA, and it starts July 11.

Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade Edition (requires activated XP or Vista install, but allows clean install once it confirms) is US$50, CAN$65 at Best Buy and Amazon. Regular price will be $120.

Although it is called Upgrade, you can do a clean install with it, but you have to install and activate XP or Vista first, so it can confirm you are already a customer. It will then give you the option to wipe your machine and do a fresh install.

Why is this relevent to gaming?

Windows 7 will have DX10 and DX11, matching or exceeding Vista's gaming functionality, but with less bloat. Windows 7 is less of a resource hog than Vista, and runs much better on Netbooks. Windows 7 uses a newer revision of the Vista driver model, but isn't a dramatic redesign like the jump from XP to Vista, so anything that works in Vista currently will work in Windows 7.

The promotion ends July 11. For people who have high end machines still running XP, this is a great price for access to DX10 and DX11, along with a quality 64-bit OS (you can pick 32-bit or 64-bit, both on same DVD). 66WYDREX

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Blasphemy3452d ago

A deal like this is too good to pass up... for me anyway.

mistajeff3451d ago

Yeah, that's a damn good deal. Though I'm still going to wait a while and hear what 7's like for gaming, if it's as sloppy as vista or as good as xp. I've been looking to get some more RAM, and since I only have a 32 bit XP I would need to get a 64 bit OS to unlock that 4th GB, so I've definitely got my eye on this. DX10 seemed fine to pass up, but being stuck on DX9 when there's a DX11 kicking around might be a much more notable disadvantage.

ThanatosDMC3451d ago

Free downloadable update for vista is would be better.

ThanatosDMC3451d ago

I guess, free update for an OS is a bad thing?

FlameBaitGod3451d ago

Ha i wont get this even if its FREE!!(off course i would). Dont gots the $ and need 2 see how it works on games, my friend was having probs with COD4 on w7.. it was the beta so... hope its fixed

mistajeff3451d ago

I agree, Vista users should get a free upgrade as an apology. I remember reading a detailed plan that someone made a while back to suggest to Microsoft that Vista be upgraded bit by bit into Windows 7, kind of a rolling beta if you will. It was a pretty genius idea. May try to dig that article up again.

IdleLeeSiuLung3451d ago

Vista is working well for me, so I see no reason to spend $$$ to upgrade. I get updated Service Packs for free and Vista will be supported for a long time.

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patterson3451d ago (Edited 3451d ago )

This is only good for Home Premium. I need Ultimate for the XP backwards compatibility mode.

DevastationEve3451d ago

you can get home or professional, and i think xp virtualization is in professional.

i got mine preordered on newegg a few days ago. i don't need professional, just download microsoft virtual pc for free and voila! it's the same thing.

Quadrix3451d ago

Still refuse to buy for anything less than 100% off.

MetalGearBear 3451d ago

no one buy crap.
I going to play PS3.

Pandamobile3451d ago

No wonder you have one bubble.

You can't even manage a coherent sentence.

I weep for your education.

Pandamobile3451d ago

I still love my Vista though :(

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The story is too old to be commented.