Fight Night Round 4 - Kikizo review

Kikizo writes: "As a belligerent though admittedly unskilled advocate of Japanese fighting games, with their high performance hairdos and screen-swallowing crescendos, it took me a while to adjust to the methodical flow, number-crunchy post-match breakdowns and countless glistening man boobs of Fight Night Round 4. "Ugh, everyone's so butch," I quavered, prodding Mike Tyson's jowl with fastidious analytical fingers as it billowed under the impact of Muhammed Ali's right hook. "I can see the spit on his gum-shield and everything." Later, backed into a corner with my health in tatters, I realised I was unconsciously spamming the inputs for Ken's Flying Dragon uppercut. It's no walk in the park at times, this reviewing malarkey. "

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