Top 10: Villains in Gaming

Koku Gamer writes: "Most popular characters in games seem to be the heroes, or the so called good guy. So to keep things fresh and interesting, this top ten is made up from the meanest, most evil, and damn right coolest characters ever to grace a games console. Of course, this list could easily have been a top 20 or even top 100, but we narrowed it down to just 10. Not everyone will agree on the list; in fact, the guys here at Koku Gamer didn't all agree on the list. But such is life. We are all different and choose many different things. Right, enough of that. Lets get on with the list."

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Funqy3426d ago

I like these lists. Unfortunately I haven't played all of the games containing these villains though. I personally thought Bowser would have ranked higher simply for his odd omnipotency in Mario games.

Chrisny853426d ago

true bison #1
Bowser #2 even though he is easy to beat.. always

4pocalyps33426d ago

i would have preferred sephy as #1. but that's just because i'm a ff fanboy. good list overall though

JoySticksFTW3426d ago

Sephy - while cool - is a pretender to the throne. He tried to destroy the world... Kefka succeeded and had the world's survivors actually worshiping him! <--- hardcore right there.

4pocalyps33425d ago

i havent actually finished 6 yet...finished most of em apart from 3 and 6 >.<

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RedDeadLB3426d ago

I didn't know half these characters exist. I only knew about Liquid Snake, Bowser, Wesker and Nemesis..

3426d ago
RedDeadLB3426d ago

Well, when I got my PS1 I was like, 4 years old. So the ONLY game I finished was Metal Gear Solid (took me a while, I was just a kid).. However, I did watch my sisters friend play through all the Resident Evil games up 'till then. I missed out on a lot when I got the PS2, like Metal Gear Solid 2/3, God of War etc. And I NEVER liked Final Fantasy..

Now on the PS3, I never miss out on an exclusive game. So basically, I'm mostly a PS3 gamer, somewhat of a PS2 gamer and a rookie when it comes to PS1 games (who wouldn't be at my age)

Anyways, I was kinda astonished no Xbox game villain is on the list.. But W/E, who cares, we got enough as it is..

Shade3603426d ago

A good Villain, is always better than a sloppy hero - look at Darth Vader for instance..

Ziriux3426d ago

I don't know buddy, I still think that The Apprentice is awesome.

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