GamersTemple: The Conduit Review

GamersTemple writes: "After a couple slow periods and increasingly angry gamers grumbling over high system sales and a major lack of quality releases, Nintendo has stepped it up in 2009. Madworld started the year off strong with a good blend of brutally fun gameplay and enough gore to keep the 15-19-year-old crowd interested in the system. Punch-Out!!! followed and demanded the attention of old and new gamers alike, and now, one of the Wii's most highly-anticipated third party titles ever, The Conduit, is out, and it has everyone talking. Is this ambitious first-person shooter, on a system BUILT for first-person shooters, another must-own title? Or is it a typical, third-party-on-a-Nintendo-system disaster? As much as I wanted it to be the former, the truth lies somewhere in between the two."

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