EvilCast NewsBrief, Episode #48

GrE states, "Without the guidance of the designated podcast parent, Cory Appleton, your fearless leaders venture off into the disturbing worlds of Halo and Natal compatibility, multiple different betas, and we make our predictions on what kind of avatar add-ons will be included in the avatar store. It should be a good time, just be on the lookout for adult diaper references. Trust us, it is just better that you don't ask and listen for yourself."

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supercharger51503426d ago

Looks like Gabe is doing great filling in for Cory. Cory might have to fight to get his position back after vaca. :P

bgrundman3426d ago

It is Cory's seat, but Gabe is always welcome.

roblef3426d ago

Gabe needs a new mic!

MaCkTeHkNiFe3425d ago

Agreed- Rock Band mic < an actual recording mic. Good enough for singing I Get By, though :)

CrAppleton3426d ago

Good to see the podcast is still going strong.

CrAppleton3426d ago

When are they going to get back on a regular recording schedule?