Games Are Evil Review: Punch-Out Wii

GrE opines: "Few games out there have the ability to send up the nostalgia flag like those found on the original NES. For most this was the first real video game console they had, and the games from that era are held near and dear to their hearts. So when I heard they were making another Punch Out, I was a little less than excited, considering how some "re-makes" turn out. However, the first time I heard that tell tale trumpet fanfare dubbed over a fight between iconic characters like "Glass Joe" and "King Hppo", I knew they were gonna do it, and do it right."

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roblef3451d ago

I thought this was a well-written review. Honest, balanced. Good stuff!

CrAppleton3451d ago

Makes me wonder if they would release a remake like this on the DS... I would buy that

supercharger51503451d ago

I like the caption under the second pic, "A big fat hug?" lol

CrAppleton3451d ago

It is a very unique style of commenting that is making me laugh pretty hard.

supercharger51503451d ago

The green gloves really make this game. Totally iconic!

bgrundman3451d ago

So many memories of when I was a kid... God I wish I could boot up my NES again.

Perjoss3451d ago

its fun while you learn the patterns for each boxer, which sadly does not take long at all. After that it offers no replay value, just feels like a something you'd get as a DLC title on the 360 or ps3, I'm sure many nintendo fans might take that badly but its just my honest opinion.

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