New IGN Splinter Cell: Conviction Xbox 360 Video - Stealth Feature

The Splinter Cell Developers discuss the progression of Stealth in the series and how they are redefining the franchise in Conviction with new game-play mechanics.

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All Time Greatness3455d ago

This game is going to be so good, I can't wait to see what the multiplayer is like. Sam Fisher is so much more bada55 in Conviction.

StanLee3455d ago (Edited 3455d ago )

It's shaping up to be a fantastic game.

*Edit* Nice to see I have a couple emo fantards to disagree with me. SMH!

joydestroy3455d ago

wow, this game looks so good. i love all the new things that they've showed off so far. very nice.

original seed3455d ago (Edited 3455d ago )

Thats what i call an action stealth game. Its shaping up to be insane. Im glad they delayed this game. Im very very impressed.

EDIT- since he was removed, their is no need for my response anymore

3455d ago
II Necroplasm II3455d ago

SC: Conviction and Forza 3 in the same month!? That is too much.

sonarus3455d ago

In my honest opinion, graphics looks great but gameplay looks BORING. The beginning where he is beating that guy to a pulp has already been done with godfather game. And walking in the streets is boring. Nothing impressive but graphics

II Necroplasm II3455d ago

So negative nancy..

When did you play the game? Just kidding.

original seed3455d ago

Did you see the part where he was shooting it out running towards them, then he swayed through a door at his right and jumped out a closed window. How is that boring?? Action packed if i say so myself.

caladbolg7773455d ago

I'll keep my eye on this game. It has definitely piqued my interest.

All Time Greatness3455d ago

I think Splinter Cell looks good but seriously, check out these new Forza 3 screenshots:

Forza is looking freaking amazing 0.o

Splinter Cell ftw! :)

Blakzhuk3455d ago

"Nothing impressive but graphics"

PS3 owners will love it then.


IdleLeeSiuLung3455d ago

god dang, i'm more and more looking forward to this game. still getting it when it hits the budget bin though. ubisoft games has a tendency to hit the budget bin after a mere 3 months.

ShabzS3455d ago

amazing ... sam is putting jason bourne to shame here... cannot wait for this game

La Chance3455d ago (Edited 3455d ago )

Geez I think Ubi made a great decision when they delayed the game.Just WOW!!

The really used that spare time to the fullest.

When I watch the trailer of the old conviction it looks horrible and boring compared to this. Its a completely different game.

And I think the graphics pretty much put an end to the "360 is maxxxxed ouuuttt" argument.

killersmoke3455d ago (Edited 3455d ago )

Bad a55 game, looking forward to this.

sam fisher, the bad A55 break your face, awesomeness.

yea xbox has put a end to the graphics debate.

Halo3 MLG Pro3455d ago

Sonarus, you just described Killzone 2.

sonarus3455d ago

I take the graphics only comment back. The game has ok graphics. Not in the realm of the big graphics games. Doesn't even look as good as Assassins creed 2.

I hate crapping all over games people are excited about but i am still yet to see anything remotely interesting. Just seems like an action shooter and my God we don't have enough of those yet. Eat lead has a new friend

Halo3 MLG Pro3455d ago

Sonarus, than tell me this... how do you feel about Killzone 2?

sonarus3455d ago (Edited 3455d ago )

Killzone 2 = good game with good graphics. Multiplayer is ace. Not call of duty but still provides plenty of play time online. Singleplayer story = crap

Splinter cell looks like a game that tried to evolve by force and just ended up looking worse than it did before

I won't say anything bad about the game again before i hurt someones feelings but this is the second time splinter cell conviction has been shown. And i don't feel any better about the game than i did at E3.

Mainman3455d ago

This game is looking pretty good. I am seriously considering buying a 360 for this game. Need to see more footage though and maybe wait for user and gamingsite reviews. If I feel like SC:Conviction is worth a purchase of a new console, I will get it.

I am not much of a gamer, I dont buy many games but I do check gaming news quite frequently. I allready have a PS3, so buying another console would be overkill for me.

likedamaster3454d ago (Edited 3454d ago )

Whatever helps you sleep at night. Double standards FTW?

You want boring gameplay and ok graphics play MGS4. SC:C delivers on all fronts. My most anticipated game for this year.


That's not in-game, those are real-life shots. Forza 3 can't possibly look that good on 360./sarcasm

Bubble Buddy3454d ago (Edited 3454d ago )

"amazing ... sam is putting jason bourne to shame here... cannot wait for this game"

I'd still think Bourne would destroy Fisher with a random object in his room then choke him with his goggles :) , but hey, that's just my opinion. I always loved stealth games and this one looks crazy. It's a good step in the right direction by copying Bourne with that Attack, and vanish thingy they put in abbreviation.

GavLam883454d ago

I am a fan of the genre, and i would love to have some play time with this game because if it is a good as it is being hyped to be it will be worthy of a purchase since i do not currently own a 360. This game certainly could be the one to convince me, BUT there are certain game play mechanics that are already flagging warning signs to me. The PEV system seems as if it will make the game to easy since all you are doing is tagging your enemies with one button and then pressing Y and Sam does the rest. The direction, stealth, action and graphics of the game are looking impressive. I just hope the game is still challenging and Sam is not too overpowering to the point that he is unstoppable.

Im going to keep tracking this, along with Mass Effect 2 and Forza 3.

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Skyreno3455d ago

game looks great...toooo bad i dont have xbox lol

original seed3455d ago

Too much pride in game consoles this generation. I have both and sure i play my 360 way more. But its still nice to know i can pick up PS3 exclusives when i want to.

PotNoodle3455d ago (Edited 3455d ago )

Or you can see if your PC will run it, if not and you just fall short, you could probably upgrade it for cheaper than an xbox.

EDIT: I can't say anything, can i? He wants to enjoy the game so i am suggesting ways he can do that for a low cost, what is so wrong about that?

I'm not one of those telling everyone i'm getting it on PC because it is the "Better version" because infact i'll be getting it on 360.

ObviousTruth3455d ago

not sure why you are getting disagrees. must be the fanboys. i for one prefer my 360 to my ps3. but i definitely prefer my PC to both of em. haven't made up my mind about what i'm going to get this on though. i bought a wired 360 controller so i can play 3rd person titles on my PC comfortably, but...i've always played Splinter Cell games on my Xbox n 360. and, if it's anything like assassin's creed, it'll just be a port to PC, not actually built for it, so it won't look much better (if at all).

IdleLeeSiuLung3455d ago

I agree with original seed and pretty much use my consoles the way he does. Only regret might be the Wii, but hey I can pick up TvC and Muramasa when they are out.

When you add another console to your arsenal you open up a whole new door. I must admit though that it is a lot of $$$.

original seed3455d ago

Yeah, i regret buying my Wii. I actually sold it. You can get a 360 for $200. I think its alot harder for 360 only gamers to buy a PS3 because it cost double the price.

Still its great to have both systems. Im actually going to build a PC when SWtor comes out. Then i'll have the best of all worlds. Now that will be expensive.

Hobadoon3455d ago

You definitely have to own both consoles this gen. You'd be doing yourself a huge disservice if you didn't. I didn't realize this until I picked up my PS3 after I had my 360 for a little over a year. My main console is still 360 (because the majority of my friends are on live) but I agree with Original Seed - I love being able to pick up my PS3 exclusives. This and Uncharted 2 can't get here fast enough.

The gaming industry is the sh!t.

The Lazy One3454d ago

He's getting disagrees because for the price it would cost you to upgrade your computer and make it worth it (if it couldn't play it yet) you'd probably be able to buy at least an arcade 360 for a similar price.

pippoppow3454d ago

You know that if anyone mentions or is looking forward to the PC version of this game gets disagrees. Thats like PC players getting upset at 360 players that mention a 360 version. It's pathetic. Besides if some people are willing to pay extra for the best version then so what. The game looks really good although I think the character moves a little too fast. Loked the 1st one alot but didn't like that you had to do a mission 1 exact way which was frustrating. Look like you'll have more freedom in this game which is nice. Good to know this game is coming out on the PC as many like myself will not touch a 360.

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Omega43455d ago (Edited 3455d ago )

Never realized this game received so many awards. Could easily become the defining stealth action game of this generation.

The stealth gameplay looks deep and to think all the cut-scenes will be played out in real-time.

WIIIS13455d ago

I like how they're pushing the level of sophistication in the stealth gameplay mechanics to make for a more immersive and more realistic experience. This is how the genre should advance as a game, not hours upon hours of self-indulgent cinematics telling a convoluted mess of a story that only a handful of people feel passionate about. Really looking forward to this game which will undoubtedly be fantastic.

bjornbear3455d ago

Can't you just talk about the game at hand without being bitter about another great franchise...that just happened to create the genre in the 1st place?

Show some respect for good games in general and don't be so obnoxious just because you prefer A over B...

And trust me, its far more than a hand full ;)

Downtown boogey3455d ago (Edited 3455d ago )

What could you be implying to?
I like Splinter Cell for it's realism, yes, but MGS4 is more comprehensive and more of a hybrid which truly has a lot of ways to play it. Only thing I don't really like are bossfights... They're last-gen. Though the story is convoluted but frankly, genius.
And I don't really believe the Splinter Cell devs got their idea from MGS.

WIIIS13455d ago (Edited 3455d ago )

I don't think I'm wrong to say that the focus of MGS4 was in the cinematic experience above everything else. Frankly, most of what I remember of MGS4 now are the very long cinematics which greatly overshadowed the gameplay that just didn't feel progressive or realistic. Some people appreciate that aspect of the game and call it a masterpiece, but I personally think cinematics is best left to the JRPGs because in a stealth game, I want to experience the stealth aspect, like how I enjoyed Double Agent. MGS4 did not elevate the stealth gameplay to new heights, in fact I felt Snake was plain clumsy, awkward, stiff and unathletic. I'm just glad that Splinter Cell Conviction looks to be going in the direction that I think is right, with the focus on innovative and immersive gameplay above everything else.

SnuggleBandit3455d ago

ya there's reson he was that way...he was OLD!!!!!! i guess you must have missed that somehow...hmm

DelbertGrady3455d ago

Old, and that thong he was wearing probably hindered his movement as well.

Downtown boogey3455d ago

How was Snake unathletic or clumsy? He's got a lot more moves than Sam!
Still, Splinter Cell was frankly the defining stealth game... Much due to MGS's Japanese-derived controls and camera (before MGS4)!

likedamaster3454d ago

My thoughts exactly. Bubbles for your thoughtful and intelligent comments.

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green3455d ago

This new direction that they are taking Splinter Cell looks fantastic.November is going to be one crazy month for me.

likedamaster3454d ago

Probably, but Splinter Cell: Conviction releases in October,'09.

PS360PCROCKS3455d ago

Cool. I was wondering what those white silhouettes were after you did something like that. I mean I guess it's common sense they would be looking in that spot you last were, but still very cool. Also marking lights and taking them out is cool

Raf1k13455d ago

yeh it is but I'm not a fan of the silhouettes tbh. As a fan of stealth games I'd prefer if it was an optional feature so I could turn it off.

If I jump out of a window I already know where I was last seen but I think it comes in more useful in areas where it's not so easy to tell where a you were last seen by the enemy. That's what they should have shown in the vid instead of the window gameplay.

Also, don't you think the mark and shoot kinda takes the challenge out of killing someone quickly?

PS360PCROCKS3454d ago

well yea that's what I was saying the silhouettes are cool even though it's kinda like you KNEW you were just in that spot. lol...but the marking thing is cool, but seems a little easy. I agree, I guess we'll see how they implement it. I think it will be fun to tinker with at first and really feel like a bad ass. Or maybe their is a limit say (3) marks for a certain room and their is 7 guys. It helps turn things in your odds but not completely. I think I actually only saw 3 marks at once TBH, I don't feel like going back and watching again. Anyways it would make sense why he chose the guy and the light in one scene. The guy on the stairs and the chandelier in another scene. We'll see.