Jack Thompson Blames VA Shooting on Games

Despite the fact that he's a known liar, infamous for threatening fellow attorneys and judges and is on the cusp of (one would hope) losing his license to practice law in Florida, Jack Thompson managed to weasel his way onto Fox News to spew his own particular brand of hate and lies.

That's right, Thompson is trying to link the worst shooting in U.S. history, the one that occurred earlier today at Virginia Tech, to video games.

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SmokeyMcBear3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

oh man that is disgustingly low. Such a tragic thing that happened today. My sincerest condolences to those familiar with anyone in the Virginia Tech family, and to the families of the ones that lost their lives. Jack Thompson has sunk to a new low today. He seems like one of those ambulance chaser lawyers, just plain sick.

icdedppl3724d ago

here is the video of the interview with jack thompson. what an idiot. i'm disappointed that fox would put him on:

T-Virus3725d ago

Seriously, just waiting for it. He's the biggest tw** ever.

techie3725d ago

This guy is retarded.

You need to get things at the root. GUNS, POVERTY, FOREIGN WARS, EDUCATION, MENTAL THERAPY...yus it's all games I tell thee.

FordGTGuy3725d ago

What game was he playing?

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL3725d ago


GOD's peace too the departed and their families.

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The story is too old to be commented.