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Sony to address MotorStorm issues via update?

Sony may come out in a week or two and address a lot of the issues people have been experiencing/taking advantage of -- ultra boost, spawn glitches, quick joining an idle game, as well as additional downloads (free or otherwise). Most of the game's online play will get tweaked and repaired, as well as the possibility of additional maps! (MotorStorm, PS3)

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power of Green  +   2642d ago
6 inch voice...
Don't tell the PS3 fans on his site that PS3 needs patches and fixes too!. shhhhh!.
weekapaugh  +   2642d ago
yeah, PS3 gets updates every few weeks whereas the other console needs totally replaced every few weeks.
Anego Montoya FTMFW  +   2642d ago
weekapaugh -
thank you.
that`s the best thing you coulda said.
MikeMichaels  +   2642d ago
Very Nice...
...good to see their on the up and up about this. Me and my buddies still love the crap out of this game.

It's the PS3's Mario Kart, great fun to come back to between other games.
Dareaver1  +   2641d ago
I'm sorry, played the game and am not impressed.
I don't know why everyone cries real physics with this game. The cars float, your wheel could look like it's about to wobble off and it doesn't affect your handling, and the collision detection leaves something to be desired. When everyone was screaming physics, physics, physics i had to go out and play it. And now that i have, i'm not impressed, the cars have no real sense of weight, they all float at the same rate, the motorcycles are lacking a lot of physics in them being that they are riding on sand and mud, i'm sorry, not easily impressed by a pretty game. The mayhem is kinda fun at times but there are no real evolution in physics here. I'm excited to see how dirt does though, i hope the cars don't float on that game too. And please no unreasonable responses, because then you are telling me that i don't have an opinion, or that my opinion is wrong which wouldn't make sense because it is my opinion after all!
SmokeyMcBear  +   2642d ago
oh but the question is... will it brick our systems? (you know cuz that other system has had some problems with that) That is the end all question. Resistance has already had 2 updates with no problems that i've seen or heard. Update away.. progression is a good thing.
Torch  +   2642d ago
Call me picky
but the biggest thing that drives me crazy about that game, is the horrendously long loading time when choosing a vehicle. THAT would be nice to fix.

Somewhat unrelated question: Does anyone know whether the available vehicle models (within each category) perform differently from each other, or is it nothing but visual?
SmokeyMcBear  +   2642d ago
i think ive noticed it with the rally car series, the stock car being a little faster and a little harder to control, especially in the mud, and the next rally car up, it had more control in the mud, but I don't really know, could be the physics of the car, could be actual upped attributes, i wish they would have attribute comparisons for the different cars.
specialguest  +   2642d ago
Yes these do perform slightly different
For instance, with the rally car groups, the subaru looking car is prone to bouncing high and flipping over and the muscle car fish tails easier than other cars. Also, the NAS car seems to accelerate a little faster than the other cars.

There is a suped-up import car that seems to be the best among those group of cars, but you'll have to win it though.

On the Mudplunger group, if you can win the flatbed truck, that truck performs better than the stardard buggy. It seems to accelerate slightly faster and handles way better.

SmokeyMcBearc, I think you're on to something. This game may be more sophisticated than what we give it credit for.
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LSDARBY  +   2642d ago
Cool, glad to see them fixing it. I'd like some new single player modes though.
masterg  +   2642d ago
New modes, vehicles, and tracks are on the way.
Promised before the end of may.
N4G_FANBOY_CRAP  +   2642d ago
poem :)
JIN KAZAMA  +   2642d ago
This game rocks
and they need to address the issue of people having some type of crazy boost and the respawning quickly. I had people blow up infront of me, only to respawn infront of me, that sux! Anyways, this game is an absolute blast to play, graphics kick asss, chaos everywhere, crashing and blowing up. This is truly a next-gen racing game. Cant wait for the updates also.
specialguest  +   2642d ago
So do you MotorStorm players knew about the Ultra-boost?
When I first started playing MotorStorm, I use to wonder how the hell I keep on losing. Even with my above average skills. Then I read something about MotorStorm cheats and learned how to use this Ultra-boost. It works TOO well.

I guess this will be fixed though. Oh well, it was amazing while it lasted. Now everyone will race fair.
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sajj316  +   2642d ago
Not calling you a cheater .
but I HATE cheaters. This is just rampant in Gears of War. I'm sure every game has their exploits but online gaming just isn't fun with this type of exploitation.

Patches and Fixes are a good thing. New content is a good thing. Cheating is bad ... very bad.
N4G_FANBOY_CRAP  +   2642d ago
If theres a..
way to cheat people will, gears is a prime example, I don't get it, just makes for a hollow victory
n4g sucks  +   2642d ago
cheaters always prosper
ultra boost was the only way i could pull second place online...this game needs this update, a new track for FREE would be a plus...
JIN KAZAMA  +   2642d ago
how do you
do the ultra boost anyways? Not that I would use it during online play. i get a much better satisfaction beating someone fair and square. but just outta curiosity, how do you do the ultra boost??
SmokeyMcBear  +   2642d ago
don't tell him.. you dirty cheater... haha just messing jin... i don't want to know, and the less people know, the better, well they are fixing it i guess. but still
LSDARBY  +   2642d ago
So how do you do this ultimate boost.
Anego Montoya FTMFW  +   2642d ago
split screen
give me some split screen.
and some new tracks.

but instead they have to waste their time coming up w/ patches.

VirtualGamer  +   2642d ago
Now that I think about it I have experienced this Ultraboost. When I first went online some races I was able to boost for way longer then I had ever been able to before. At the time I thought it was some setting you could select when setting up a race. It only happened a few times and I have not experienced it for awhile now. Since then though I have gone in and set up a race and there is no setting to allow everyone to boost for longer. Seeing it talked about here made me remember it. I have no idea what I did to give this longer boost, it actually made things worse at the time becuase I was new and I ended up crashing far more because of how much faster I was going then normal. Anyways I hope they fix it because no one wants to play against cheaters.
ALLGAMER  +   2642d ago
You might
be tlaking about teh setting "catch-up" while playing online. If that mode is set to "ON", then people that are really far behind the leader, have a very very long boost which enables them to "catch-up" quickly. As they get closer and closer to the leader, their boost becomes shorter and shorter.
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specialguest  +   2642d ago
Ultra-boost does not look or sound like a regular boost. What it does is max out your speed and continues staying maxed out. you, the player can actually hear your engine maxing out.

Base on who you play against, you can crash once or twice in the game and still manage to catch up with the 1st place player and win. That's how effective it is.

If you play against others and notice that the 1st place guy wins by 30secs, and you know that you didn't crash once, that's how you know he's cheating. also, if someone just catches up and zoom pass you.

I only use it while playing offline and I hope the updates will fix this bug.
marcindpol  +   2636d ago
i will buy this game after the patch is relased, hope with some new modes and traks, otherwise no way, it is not worth 60 euros!

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