Xbox 360 Notebook Computer Converter Announced

Microsoft's oft-rumored plans for a portable Xbox may have just been spoiled. The latest peripheral from the same folks that brought the world the Onimusha sword controller and the Final Fantasy X-2 gun controller promises to deliver true Xbox 360 gaming on-the-go IGN reports. Assuming you've got a bag big enough to house an Xbox 360.

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lilwingman3962d ago

Thickest. Laptop. Ever.

And you still have to find a plug for it? I guess you would probably need a car battery to run it though so makes sense :P. Not quite what I thought MS had in mind for their 'handheld'.

Sphinx3962d ago

This is a 3rd party item for the 360. This is not MS's handheld by no means... and is completely useless, unless you have a use for it. I've been thinking about getting an RV and this would be cool to have... unless I just hook it up to the TV in the RV... which wouldn't be 720p unless I upgraded it myself.

Kyur4ThePain3962d ago

"and is completely useless, unless you have a use for it."

Extra Guy3962d ago

I find most things in life are like that

kingboy3962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )

perfect for mart :)

T-Virus3961d ago

I play games round me friends (even though we both have Live) and I hace to use a crappy 17 inch NON-HD screen, this would do nicely.

Droidbro3961d ago

yeah im in the marines and going to iraq. this should help with some of the boredom during off hours.

Lyberator3961d ago

dude see if one of the screens in the abrams has an RGB hookup. Throw in some battlefield and you'll be all set.

Droidbro3961d ago

if only i had access to an abrams:( hummwvs have monitors but i think playing xbox is less important than viewing adjacent vehicles and trying not to shoot them lol

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