Eurogamer Previews SEGA Rally

The last time Eurogamer looked at SEGA Rally it was little more than a tech demo. This time around it looked a bit more like a fully-fledged game. That's partly because this time they were showing off the game's 'adaptive AI' and 'bumper to bumper close competitive racing'. Along with the persistent track deformation that they wowed us with the last time, the super-detailed, lushly tropical visuals, and a physics engine that's been developed internally from the ground up, it's a mix that SEGA's new Racing Studio hopes will capture the arcade essence of the 12-year-old original.

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wasted4262d ago

such a good bounty of driving games coming out, can't wait. BOOOOM another few months of my social life gone.

Pathetic N4G Website4262d ago

DiRT, this & Forza2 will easily keep me going until PGR4 - and that's just the driving games ! Good times ahead. Hopefully this is the start of the SEGA Rally coverage as it's been scarce up until now.

Some gameplay video soon please !

Leathersoup4262d ago

Aren't the screenshots shown the sameones they showed when they first announced the game? I was hoping for something new. I mean, with this being a "New Look" at the game and all.

willymcd4262d ago

i wonder what one is going to be better, Dirt or this one?

Rybnik4261d ago

One is an arcade racer similar to Motorstorm, and the other is a sim, so I guess it depends on your preference....