RSS Streaming Tools for your PSP

From the complete article:

"Got a hankering for some remote viewing of YouTube goodies or some radio streaming? Well then, RSS Streaming Tools may be the app you need. RSS Streaming Tools allows users to listen to their computer's mp3 playlists or streamable radio stations, as well as download YouTube vids off the net directly onto the PSP.

According to the Sven Nobis, the app's developer RSS Streaming Tools is currently a public alpha with most of the functions working, except for the following:

-Create Playlists on PSP
-In PSPWirelessMusic: Import/Export, New Channel -> Wizard
-Online Content

To get this app to work, you'll need WLan on your computer and a PSP. Just run the application on your computer and follow the rest of the directions given in the installation procedure for the apps to work with your PSP. For now, we'll leave you with a sample of what RSS Streaming Tools can do by showing you a video of the functions in action."

(Please see below for the demonstration video, and click the source link to obtain access to the downloadable executable file.)

Although the embedded video may initially appear obscure and irrelevant, my impression is that the creator is successfully attempting to demonstrate audio streaming from the PC to the PSP.

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