Lara Croft's Sexy Poses Recreated

Lara Croft made her debut back in 1996 really had the guys going wild, even though they were just polygons crafted together to resemble her breasts and her overly large head. Lara Croft has been remodeled from the old Lara into what you're about to see.

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KionicWarlord2222765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

oh lordy...lordy...lordy..

This has my approval.

Bob Dole2765d ago

Lol almost forgot about those old pics. Laura Croft makes Bob Dole's penis sneeze.

Raz2765d ago

I've rediscovered the sound of one hand clapping...

Carl14122764d ago

Of course ;)

How did we ever find old Lara sexy? Hmm...

christian hour2764d ago

Back then, I always wondered why people found her sexy... when she didnt even look remotely human or female at all in any way. She looked more alien-inside-of-a-females-skin to me. Did people REALLY? Or was it some weird mass per pressure hting where every guy felt like they had to say they did?

Anyway thats not the point i came here to make... the point is. The guy in the article says the old lara was unproportional and stuff... so are the new ones. In more places than one. I wont point them out, but look at the first picture... Theres a few problems there but the easiest one to spot is... well... JESUS JUST LOOK AT HER FEET WOULD YOU?!

Carl14122764d ago

What's wrong with her feet?

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ruibo2765d ago

I like her more than Jolie

-MD-2765d ago

I forgot how sexy Angelina looked in that movie... wow too bad shes pure skin and bones now.

SevWolf2765d ago

@ murderdolls..tru dat, she was so hot she was a very beautiful lady, right now all I see is just pointy bones popping out of her skin

SlyGuy2765d ago

some of the original pics a bit more.

ryuyasho2764d ago

at least the original model had a great booty and a great pair of cannonballs... this new one, meh not that much, just a big rack. I'm an @$$man, therefore I like the original better. big breast nowdays IMO are overrated...

rjackson12765d ago

I asking the guys! If she was real would you do her?

ssipmraw2764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

I'm afraid you must excuse murderdolls, hes still in denial you see for as of last year his testicles shriveled up into his body and manifested themselves into ovaries while his anus eventually split and formed a uterus while his penis remains to be a large clitoris. as of last year he has remained a female thereby being incapable of answering your question.

Kajaah1172765d ago

We need Jessica Chobot to give this a shot. Or Layla Kayleigh...

lost22764d ago

im gonna go and stroke it a lil bit....

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The story is too old to be commented.