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Mr.Kojima, Please Don't make MGS5

PolarityGamers writes:

Hideo Kojima is famous for his Metal Gear series. Metal Gear have introduced the stealth genre to the Video Game world, and every stealth games since have been trying to copy what Metal Gear have done in the pass. But Kojima also made some awesome games besides Metal Gear. Instead of making MGS 5 He should make one of those game below. (PS3, Xbox 360)

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Spike47  +   2289d ago
Too late, he's already busy on Peacewalker,
as for a true sequel of MGS4,(not another spinoff, a true sequel) we will have to wait quite a bit imo.
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BadboyCivic  +   2289d ago
He made MGS and Snake Eater. Two of the best games to date!
Lunar zone of enders is not even in the same league
The Great Melon  +   2289d ago
I have been dieing for a new Zone of the Enders for several years. The second one was amazingly fun.
masterg  +   2288d ago
Im sure MSG5 will sell better than the other games on the list.
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snipermk0  +   2288d ago
One to kojima and one to bungie saying
Dear bungie, please don't make Halo ODFTQPDRTYMTS.
znu  +   2288d ago
f*ck the author of this article

i hate it when ppl say don't make this
stop milking that
we don't want that game on our console

STFU, i want that game, because i want to enjoy playing!

Kojima makes excellent games and MGS4 was nothing short of EPIC
I'll welcome MGS5 with open arms cuz whether its a multi-plat or not, kojima will make a perfect experience for both PS3/Xbox360/(and maybe Wii) owners
Raz  +   2288d ago
do this, don't do that...
I'm sure Kojima-sama will halt all work on his newest masterpiece and do something completely different simply because some random gamer blog says he should.

The idea. o_O
xwabbit  +   2288d ago
PolarityGamers writes plz don't make more retarded articles
ThanatosDMC  +   2288d ago
Cant wait for ZOE3!
Mr Remington  +   2288d ago
A new ZoE would be soooo awesome.
If you played the first one, you know what I mean. Imagine that, but next gen.
Raz  +   2286d ago
@ disagrees ^^
Obviously some people are unfamiliar with sarcasm.
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shocky16  +   2289d ago
This is true.
He has to eventually stop milking the series and carry on with other work such as ZOE 3
The Great Melon  +   2289d ago
Zone of the Enders 2 is definitely one of my favorite ps2 games.
lukeb4dunk  +   2288d ago
I don't know if you can actually say he has been milking the series. Each story (well, maybe 2 was a stretch) had meaning and advanced the story quite well. Not once did I play any of the main games did I feel that he was milking the series.

Now Mario on the other hand...I'm not sure I would call it milking either. More like whoring. While they may be fun games, but Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros., cart racers, the Galaxy game(s), Mario Sunshine, Smash Bros., tennis, etc. That right there is the definition of milking.

But with all that said, I would also like to see what else Kojima could do. Though if there is a MGS5 to be made, I would really like for him to have a major role in creating it.
Jack Klugman  +   2289d ago
even your own fans are sick of metal gear. lol that teets running out of milk
lukeb4dunk  +   2288d ago
I'm a fan
and I'm not sick of MGS games. If there is another going to be made, I would like for Kojima to be a major part of it.
doctorstrange  +   2289d ago
I'd love him to make an entirely new IP
he can always come back to ZOE or MGS but I would love just one more amazing stand alone game
Kamikaze135  +   2289d ago
But sadly, I remember him saying that one of the reasons he made MGS4 was because he was constantly threatened by fans @__@

So yeah...it might be the same case with MGS5...
snaz27  +   2289d ago
well correct me if im wrong but....
i read a story the other day that said kojima had a few ideas for mgs5, however he didnt want his team to any of them, he said the team themselves had some brilliant ideas also and he would rather they used those which would allow him to step back from the project. this would free him up to make a new game that he has had in his mind for quite some time now, he just doesnt know if people will take to it etc etc... so i would say its quite likely that we will see a new ip sooner rather than later! hmmm maybe for the ps4 tho? you know tho to be honest i hate the way konami make people use their login for online play, i just dont get it? as far as i know they are the only ones that do that! just why? its as if konami feels they are above everyone else, and can do what the hell they like and i dont like that attitude to be honest.... so for me untill they pull their heads out their arse i couldnt really care what they do next... i havent even played mgs4, and wont untill they patch trophies and allow people.....
snaz27  +   2289d ago
..... to use the psn id to play online, disagree shoot me down whatever, but this is my opinion! i just dont like it when any company gets too big for their boots, its not that i blame kojima for what konami has done far from it. hes a great developer, it makes me wonder tho why he doesnt use his weight to change some of these things? until then feck konami!
DaTruth  +   2288d ago
Too bad there is only one Kojima! We really need to clone this guy or bring his children into the fold.
lukeb4dunk  +   2288d ago
why stop with just one clone? Why not clone him three times? There could be a Solid Kojima, Liquid and Solidus.

I know, bad joke, but it's late.
PirateThom  +   2289d ago
I want Metal Gear Solid 5, but only if it adds something to the series from a story aspect, not just to cash in or even "because fans want it".
Gue1  +   2289d ago
Why is he talking about a game that haven't even been announced yet? Kojima Production is already working on 2 MGS games anyway...
NotSoSilentBob  +   2289d ago
1 I'm sure that this guy does not want Kojima-san to make MGS5 because he more then likely doesn't understand the story line of Metal Gear Solid, or 2 he doesn't want to get a Ps3 to fully understand the story with completing Mgs4.

2. if this person doesn't want a good story told why in the world is he giving it free advertising?

3. This person must have been traumatized as a young child since he doesn't want MGS5 done.

ps point #3 is my personal Opinion
DragonWarrior46534  +   2289d ago
Hes probably got such big plans for ZOE that he's just gonna wait till the ps4 and xbox Phoenix. Zone of the Enders is in a league of its own son.
The Great Melon  +   2289d ago
I loved zipping around with the teleport ability when fighting the army of enemies after obtaining it.
JoySticksFTW  +   2289d ago
"Mr.Kojima, Please Don't make MGS5" WTF?!
Can't we have MGS5 AND ZoE AND Snatcher?

That'd be sweet! :)
Fade_Walker  +   2288d ago
I'm not quite sure if there will be a MGS 5. Right now both Metal Gear Solid: Peacewalker and Metal Gear Solid: Rising are more focused on filling in the gaps of the MGS universe.

If there is a MGS 5 planed, chances are it will be a whole new set of characters (or when Sunny grows up?),and set a bit farther in the future.
lukeb4dunk  +   2288d ago
or MGS5 can go back like MGS3 did. Maybe about The Boss, or even Big Boss. That's the direction I think it will go, but what do I know.
Dawn_Of_Ashes  +   2288d ago
im sure he will read the article and he will say to himself "that guy is right" and he will not do a mgs5.
Sir Ken_Kutaragi  +   2288d ago
Mr.Kojima, Please DO make MGS5...
...ONLY for the PS3!!! ;-P
-MD-  +   2288d ago
It'll go multi if he makes it.
Coolrah  +   2288d ago
And its like his next game went multi right? oh right it didn't....its still exclusive to the sony brand. We get a new exclusives that probaly gonna be amazing while konami makes a spin off of a great series.
-MD-  +   2288d ago
"And its like his next game went multi right?" -- Yes it did MGS:Rising is multi.

"oh right it didn't....its still exclusive to the sony brand." -- Oh you're talking about that PSP game.. ahh I see. Well I'm sorry to be the one to tell you this but the only other Handheld on the market is the DS and it's not exactly capable of running PSP games.

If Microsoft had a handheld on the market that matched or surpassed the PSP in hardware you better believe it would have went multi along side Rising.
Sir Ken_Kutaragi  +   2288d ago
Remember E3??? ;-D
I LOVED it when that guy at the M$ E3 Show said we have 'Snake on xBox 360 now' and Kojima said -


+ The 'REAL' MGS Games are NOT 'Lightning Bolt Action' games to!!! ;-D

The ChatBox 360 gets MGS Castoffs!!! ;-D
lukeb4dunk  +   2288d ago
and let us not forget
that during the Sony conference when he was announcing the PSP game, he wanted to make it very clear, that it was the one where he was having direct involvement in. Than after, he made it clear in interviews that he is allowing the "young bloods" handle Rising.

While Konami may have made Rising a mulitplat game, I think if Kojima makes the next game, it will be a PS3 exclusive.
Zizo_ha  +   2288d ago
Mr.Idiot STFU!
Coolrah  +   2288d ago
Did you watch E3? oh right you only watched Microsofts E3....*looks at sony's E3* Looks like Kojima officially said he is not working on this game at all and devoting all his time to *Drumroll* PEACEWALKERS. He also said Peacewalker is more of a sequel than a standalone game.

Again Rising is only a spinoff that is mainly being made by konami and kojima has nothing to do with it. ok owned....next delusional xbot?

P.s. "If" Microsoft had a handheld division they'd be even more in the red than they are now. Its not like there making a profit at all in their xbox division. Yeah 360 sales have been profitable but considering the 2 warranties they have out that are billions in money gone along with all the money lost from the first xbox along with all the fines and being sued....Microsoft is not rich enough to support a handheld division. Their too busy with their failing zune and getting sued out the ass left and right from their lawbreaking business tactics....Only at Microsoft. So again....owned... next xbot?
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BX81  +   2288d ago
Really? Who cares it's still a MGS game. I could care less about it, but it's good for the fans. It's funny to see you get all worked up over nothing. Ohhhh owned Ohhhh owned.. See I did it too. You should be more focused on getting your Avatar pic to look less like you vs. trying to find ways of owning.
Coolrah  +   2288d ago
No its not a MGS game. Its a spin off with the MGS name. We don't know if its going to be good or not but just cause it has MGS in it doesn't mean it has the same kind of brand recognition. You do know how spinoffs turn out right? Looks at Halo wars? That was a phailure of a RTS and only got sales only because it had halo in its name. Funny how you say "you don't care" yet your posting in an article about the game meaning obviously you do care or your butt buddies with murderdoll and don't like when it someone else other than you make him feel butt hurt.

And seriously your so pathetic that your trying to bomb on my avatar?.....such a sad sad day it indeed. when xbot fanboys are so disoriented that they have to resort to making fun of someones avatar lol.
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peeps  +   2288d ago
"however, most of us did not bought this game to play robot fighting."

mistajeff  +   2288d ago
at least don't make mgS 5. Make a metal gear 3, or something. Or a Metal Gear [Somethingelse]. Peace Walker and Rising are fine as Solids because they contribute to the Solid storyline. I'd love to see more metal gear, just different metal gear.

And as much of a blind MGS fanboy that I am, Kojima's idea that he has for something that's "never been done before" intrigues me way more than a new MG game. He should go for it.
stonecold3  +   2288d ago
coolrah m$ handheld would have failed big time and would have been the sinking ship for m$ they wouldnt even get pass the sales of the psp even in japan 360 is dead the same would be with there own handheld product m$would fail it didnt they pulled the plug on zune and the same with xbox if true m$ is sega but i prefer sega to m$
Dissidia  +   2288d ago
why can't he make MGS5 and one of the games suggested..? instead of not bothering with it at all..

just a thought
YoungJuvi  +   2288d ago
Don't end the Milking yet
There is too much MGS solid game being made recently, too much milking of a great franchise.
koehler83  +   2288d ago
Excuse me? Why the hell not? There are legitimate fans who want more and there are still holes in the canon to tell. If you don't want MGS5, then don't bother buying it if it's made. Chances are you're just a militant PS3 owner who decided to jump on the bandwagon on MGS4 and didn't understand a lick of what was going on and held the creator responsible for your ignorance. I would love MGS5. I can't wait for Peacewalker. I'm even looking forward to whatever Rising turns out to be. It's not Kojima's fault there are millions upon millions of fans who love his work and want more. That's called success. You wish you could make such an impact.
lukeb4dunk  +   2288d ago
I agree wholeheartedly. In fact, Peacewalker is going to make me buy a PSP.
sunil  +   2288d ago
Castlevania - I would prefer that to the "lighting action" of MGS Raiden
mistajeff  +   2288d ago
You know, I know that new Castlevania game doesn't really look like Castlevania or line up with the series and I know the series creator isn't involved, but I can't help being REALLY excited for it on its own merits. I'm definitely looking forward to it more than Rising.. but not Peace Walker.. no way.. when he announced Peace Walker I felt like a little girl who just got that pony she always wanted. You know, an another-MGS-on-PSP pony.
N2NOther  +   2288d ago
First of all I don't Kojima has ever made a game merely because "the fans want it" or for monetary gains. He makes games because he wants to, at the pace he wants to.

That being said, I want a new Snatcher!
keysy420  +   2288d ago
mgs5 on psp its called peace walker
Dellis  +   2288d ago
He isn't going to make another one

The PSP one is MGS3 snake eater on PSP

He isn't doing anything for the slasher game called MGS Rising
Whitefox789  +   2288d ago
Sorry mate its a sequel to Snake Eater
Time line, and setting is too different Snake Eater was in 1964, and in the middle of Russia while if you actually watched the trailer for MGS Peace Walker the setting was set for 1974 Caribbean Coast, Limon, Costa Rica
Whitefox789  +   2288d ago
There was an article serval days ago....
Saying Kojima had ideas for MGS 5,

"I have three concepts for MGS5 already. What would be ideal for me with MGS5, though, is that we don't do those," Kojima told 1UP. "If the team picks one of those concepts, I have to get involved again, which I don't want to do.

"There are already so many good ideas from the staff, so if we select one of those, that would be really good. At that point I could really rely on them and take the step back to be the producer, which is the ideal situation, I think."

The renowned developer is far from finished with the industry, and will use the freed time to pursue an experimental idea born long ago.

"Well, I want to create something new, and it's difficult to explain since no one's seen it before. I don't know if it would sell very well," he said.

"I've been warming this up for a long time, and I keep thinking that I'll try this idea. But ideas always change, so I really don't know what the final outcome will be."

and with that there you go
mastiffchild  +   2288d ago
When #I first read that the other day I just though he should have added at the end- "oh, in fact I have no idea. I dunno why I said I did!"

Honestly Koj, how vague can you get? Last year he was on about making a FPS, visiting devs like IW to research things-also mentioned a survival horror game somewhere, iirc. I'm sure he's got lots in his head but with advisory work on Rising and more on Peacewalker(which looks like being the best handheld game ever, imo)we'll be waiting a while even before he sets us up with a daft and tedious set of teasers.
Whitefox789  +   2288d ago
I've given up trying to understand Kojima a long time ago....
I know what you mean about him being "vague" I can see a lot of his next direction might be survival horror since he loved L4D he also gave props to The Darkness, Assassins Creed, and COD 4 which if you want to look at the interview is here


sorry for the bad scan job :D

note: the man changes his mind a lot saying for instance this is the end of the metal gear saga then later pronounces metal gear will be here forever
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likedamaster  +   2288d ago
Mr.Kojima, Please Don't make MGS5
Agreed. Move on to a new IP. I'm pretty sure I speak for the majority here.
Lookbehind  +   2288d ago
Speak for yourself.
lukeb4dunk  +   2288d ago
While I won't be as colorful as Lookbehind, but I also say speak for yourself. While I would also like to see what other games Kojima can make, but if another MGS game is to come out, I want him to be a major part of it.
MysticStrummer  +   2288d ago
PolarityGamers, think again.
I'm not even going to bother looking at the list of games you would rather have than MGS5. It was a huge let down to me when Kojima's E3 presentation was MGR and Peace Walker. MGS5 on the PS3 is what I want. I don't care if it's a multi-platform game. Let the 360 fans buy it in a box that looks like the DVD release of a TV show's season, just bring it on.
kaveti6616  +   2288d ago
The only reason why I don't want Kojima to make an MGS 5 is because he has made other games in the past which people have loved and he has yet to return to such series as Zone of the Enders and stuff like that. I don't really follow many of his games, but he cannot just stay fixated on MGS. I mean, Bungie has made only Halo games for that past 8 years and people are starting to get bored of them. They want something new and surprising. If Kojima makes another MGS, we will already know the basic gameplay (stealth), the basic characters (snake, big boss, ocelot, metal gear, etc) and the basic presentation of the game (the graphics in MGS4 were better but not any different from the other MGS games).
Sheikh Yerbouti  +   2288d ago
Understanding apprehensions...
I don't want Metal Gear to become like Halo, but millions don't mind another Halo. Since they buy it up like flapjacks, I am apparently in the minority. There will be another Metal Gear...sigh.

Wow. Did I just sigh? Upset at another Metal Gear? Well, in the same way I knew a bad Spider-man movie was inevitable...the same way reboots tend to renew interest,...I don't want another Metal Gear Solid on the PS3 just yet.

Metal Gear Raiden seems to be something new. Maybe we're worried about nothing.
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