Michael Jackson now King of iTunes

The King of Pop is now also the undisputed King of iTunes. After the sudden and sad death of Michael Jackson this week the top selling songs and top selling albums on iTunes are all from Michael Jackson. At the height of Michael Jackson's fame CDs have been the medium for music distribution. Now after his death Michael Jackson also dominates the digital download charts.

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Raoh3187d ago (Edited 3187d ago )

edit... wrong reply.

no_more_heroes3187d ago

that MJ dies a day before my birthday (which was yesterday). MY NICKNAME IS MJ!!! (Michael Junior i.e my dad is Michael as well)

jcgamer3187d ago (Edited 3187d ago )

"Do you remember
those special times?
they'll just go on and on
in the back of my mind..." - Remember The Time

MJ Forever :)