Petrograd: New Screens from the Crysis-Mod with Stalker-Setting and Warhead with 240 Fps

Brandnew Screenshots from the CryEngine 2-Mod Petrograd and a Crysis-Warhead-Video with 240 Frames per Second.

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Algullaf3279d ago

240 fps or 4 frames?? :S

Algullaf3279d ago

sorry my laptop with intel atom lags so hard that why i was saw 4 frames like that watch it in youtube much better because there no ads like this site.

B00M3278d ago

Whats the point in 240 FPS? You wouldnt notice! Isnt it something like the human eye can only see 60 FPS(probabley wrong but maybe even lower)?

Raf1k13278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

I think the 240FPS is to make people notice how rediculously powerful the computer must be

edit: forgot about the slow-motion effects. I'm not sure if this is true but having more than 60FPS might actually help with the quality of those effects in slow-motion.

edit2: lol just watched the vid. Should have watched it all first. It seems the vid was captured at 240FPS which allows you to slow down the frame rate in a video editing program to show off all the cool effects in slow motion.
Think of slow motion effects in movies like The Matrix where footage is captured at really high frame rates allowing them to slow it down for Bullet-Time.

FantasyStar3278d ago

This is Blasphemy! This is MADNESS!!!!

snipermk03277d ago

Crysis is probably the most gorgeous game i have ever played. Might wanna pop in the disk again for another run.

LinuxGuru3278d ago

How the f*cking hell could anyone play Crysis at 240fps with anything but either low settings or 2 supercomputers linked together?

Pandamobile3278d ago

It wasn't recorded in real time. I use the same method to record at 2560 x 1600 with full anti-aliasing and settings at a solid 30 fps.

The guy that made the video just made the fixed_time_step command a lot lower than what is usually put for 30 fps. (30 fps = 0.033333, 240 fps = 0.004166625)