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Why Xbox live is worth the cash

For me, there's not really been a lot of allure in taking five minutes to spawn a character into a room of pissed-off teenagers who promptly shoot you in the head, thus starting another five minute load time. In fact, though a lot of ps2 games I bought supported onlline play,usually, I'm not the least bit curious as to how that online play is executed. (Xbox 360)

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MGOelite  +   2343d ago
gloryfied friends list?
The Master Chief  +   2343d ago
Was that supposed to make sense? Or maybe your just dumb...you do play Metal Gear Online, after all.
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ape007  +   2343d ago
one of the reasons
of why xbox live feels alive is because almost every 360 comes with a headset out of the box,everyone can talk with thier friend instantly,make parties,chat with everyone cross games and even knowing good guys,don't tell me"KIDS SCREAMING" you can mute what u wanna mute,that's a huge advantage for xbl imo,let alone its features

hope sony do this
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Beast_Master  +   2343d ago
Dude I am still waiting to hear a good excuse. I mean you can tell me all about cross game chat, I wish that PS3 had it, but dude Call of Duty, Halo and most other multi-player games on the system use P2P, which means you are providing all the bandwith. how can you justify making people pay to enjoy pieces of the game that they paid for by buying the disc and paying the internet bill? I don't pay for anything but the game on PS3 and most of the online games use servers, which cuts way back on the lag, and games don't cut out when the Host quits. As 360 owners you guys should demand to play off of servers you paid for at least that much.
All Time Greatness  +   2343d ago
menoyou  +   2343d ago
Xbox Live is worth the cash because Xbox users love to give Microsoft free money. They pay $100 for a wifi adapter, $180 for a small hard-drive, extra money for a battery on the controller, etc.

I mean, can you imagine paying someone just to let you connect your computer to theirs to send a file or something? lol, because that's precisely what you're paying Microsoft to "let you" do.
ape007  +   2343d ago
is an unbelievable service for free,kz2,warhawk,mag,mgo,lbp,a ll have amazing online and all for free with no lag plus the weekly expanding home which has HUGE potential man

psn just need cross game chat and party system and like I said,include headset in each ps3(IMO)

edit:oh man look at all these disagrees,looks like there's no such things as gamers here in n4g,fanboys only,you'll get bashed if u loved both ps3 and 360 cause fanboys feels emotionally offended,guys please get a life
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Greywulf  +   2343d ago
PSN lacks an actual community.
Right now its just an operating system... with a friend list/messenger.
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Guitarded  +   2343d ago
@ beastmaster
Apparently you are not aware that there are both P2P and dedicated servers on both LIVE and PSN. It's the developers choice, not the consoles. Also most games migrate to a different person to host if the host quits. Some games have patched that feature in after release.

@menoyou. Catching anything with that bait yet? Oh well keep trolling.

Like the article stated, LIVE is about the comunity and a uniform interface between ALL games on the system, and it's worth the $30 a year that I pay for it.
CyberCam  +   2343d ago
Did anyone actually....
look at the date this article was created? March 2007? How does a 2 year old article get posted now? I could swear that it's presently June 2009! I don't know, I could be wrong.

Hey 'the_only_lol_king' how long did it take you to find this old post LOL!!
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kewlkat007  +   2343d ago
LOL ", which means you are providing all the bandwith. how can you justify making people pay to enjoy pieces of the game that they paid for by...
You know plenty buy WOW from blizzard and pay monthly to play "one" game on top of their monthly internet bill.(Ms has a yearly Fee)

These days, companies can either pass on the bill or cost to consumers or they can foot it themselves. Trust me, the cost of something or part of some business is always passed on to somebody. Some just cannot see it, even with the PS3 and it's Free network.

MS is about making money(as most businesses) and being in the "RED" with the brand, it's a no-brainer. The principle of the matter is, they are using a business model thats no different then many. Yes, I can and do complain about the price of things but not because they decide to use this business strategy. Hey if paying $50-year(about 5 MD's meals a year) is with it to some and there is plenty, then it just is. That's why it works and MS makes money. Not everyone will be able to afford things in life or in a capitalistic society but crying over $50 is crazy.

You really a cannot argue anything that is "free" but nevertheless "free" doesn't always mean better. I thought XBL would become stagnant but boy, I was wrong, withing a year or so, lots of features and it's grown since this article was written. I wonder why...plus competition is good.
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karlowma  +   2343d ago
@cybercam: lol, as soon as he started talking about halo 2, i checked the date. wtf.
Anon1974  +   2343d ago
Wow. That's insightful. And from 2007 as well. Timely....
"Of course, the Playstation 3 has its own online system, but it doesn't have anything like the community feeling of the Xbox 360."

Wow. Great writing there. Nice to see you getting all sides of the online story, chief. So, let me guess. You never actually played on the PSN, someone just mentioned the PS3 had it in passing...that about right?

Seriously, both networks offer a solid, online experience. What an utterly pointless article. I have random thoughts too, I'm just not egotistical enough to think that they deserve an entire article. You know...I like vanilla. It's a good flavor. I should right an article about how I've heard of other flavors, but I tried vanilla and really liked it.
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DevastationEve  +   2343d ago
it's WAY b3yond worth the cash
Come ON guys! ONE friggin game, that's ALL it costs. I can't believe it's even a debate.

Xbox Live is just THAT DAMN GOOD. Even before the NXE update Xbox Live had its gamers covered. Even Silver members can enjoy just about every feature, minus of course the online gaming and netflix.

Off topic, guys hurry up and go to newegg, they're taking preorders for Windows 7...AT $70 OFF!!!!! THAT'S ONLY $49.99!!!!!

I got mine! :)
shadow2797  +   2343d ago
"Hey if paying $50-year(about 5 MD's meals a year) is with it to some and there is plenty, then it just is."
I just wanted to let you know that you're paying way too much for a meal at McDonald's(if that's what MD stands for). I don't eat at MD, but I know there's a dollar menu.

Actually, if I'm paying $10 for a meal, I better be getting a freakin steak.

Sorry, I know that was off topic.

Back on topic... Rationalize it all you want, that $50 could still be used toward a game, rather than a service. If Xbox Live let Silver members play but not be able to enjoy any of the features (party system, chat, etc.), I would be okay with that. But I don't like the idea of making a customer pay extra money beyond the cost of the disk to access content that's on the disc he bought. Obviously there's more to it than that, but think about it. At least half of the development of COD4 went into the online multiplayer. If a Silver Member bought COD4, he would essentially be paying $60 for single player and split-screen. Whereas that same $60 can access COD4 online through any PS3 with an internet connection.

I'm not a hardcore online gamer, so obviously I view it a little differently than most of you. But I refuse to pay money for something I can do for free on my PS3. You can have your "community".
starchild  +   2343d ago
Like many things in life, this is one of those times where you get what you pay for. When it comes right down to it I would much rather pay for LIVE than buy one more game. It is just that valuable to me. I never pay more than 30 or 40 dollars a year for it anyway.
PopEmUp  +   2343d ago
look like something never goes old lol

damn 2007 article, nice found XD
ShabzS  +   2343d ago
live costs 2 $ a month
... its more of a nuisance than anything
Perkel  +   2343d ago
what psn need is cross game chat. It's ONLY good thing that XBL offer over PSN. And MS must cut the price for online gaming.

2 years = 100$
4 years = 200$
6 years = 300$ ... it's sooo wrong. You can buy almost 50% of new console after 6 years.

What would be with COD4 without multiplayer ?
MEsoJD  +   2343d ago
For me its the principal
I mean Internet gaming has been free for PC Gaming.

It just don't get it. I'm already paying for internet why must I pay more to play online???

Its not like its better on live. I barely have any lag on PS3 or PC(very rare).

So why??? What getting a demo early???
SaberEdge  +   2343d ago
I agree with the author's conclusions, but the article isn't really needed since the proof is in the pudding. Xbox LIVE has continued to grow significantly and has actually grown at a faster rate in recent months than in the past. Microsoft continue to improve the service as well, which only adds more value to the service (for the same price).
mastiffchild  +   2343d ago
Since I can't(no lonber have a credit card as I'm now disabled)pay for Live monthly (even with the very same debit card that Ninty and Sony are happy for me to use to buy products from them)and prefer, if I've got £40 sheets lying around to buy an actual game rather than a years Live at daft costs I just quit the thing.

The prohibitive pay structure, for me, makes it impossible.
Bubble Buddy  +   2343d ago
"2.15 - live costs 2 $ a month
... its more of a nuisance than anything"

Kay, that's just ignorance right there. That's like saying you can buy a $400 PS3 for only $33/month. Doesn't look so expensive does it. I agree with Ape. If PS3, can make a headset with every console, it would help. All I want left from PS3 is cross game chat and maybe music in-game. Then again, I rarely talk to other people in games other than my friends since most of them are idiotic kids, whiners, or those that troll with the voice changer.
gumgum99  +   2343d ago
lol, that's a good eye you have there, CyberCam.

man, I gotta be more mindful of these darn old articles/facepalm sundae
ShabzS  +   2343d ago
@ Bubble Buddy
why is that ignorant .... ps3 is a one time buy kind of thing ... you cant break its price in a layaway basis... the analogy you used is flawed... live is a renewing service that you have to pay yearly or monthly... from that point of view you can deduce the charge in a month by month basis ... oh my god .. think!!...
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CyberCam  +   2342d ago
N4G is now allowing you to post old useless news as "new" news, so digg up all those old Sega Genesis/Saturn/Dreamcast, Nintendo/Super Nintendo/Gamecube and Sony PS1/PS2 articles, and flood N4G with lots of crappy old news!!!

I still can't believe this article made to the top of the front page, 3 weeks after the largest gaming convention in North America?????

Are we that hard up for news that a 2 year article makes the top headlines... OMG this community needs help in a BIG way!!
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GiantEnemyCrab  +   2343d ago
Everything on XBL feels connected and it feels dynamic and I really like that. It feels like gaming as a community and I can see why MS is always talking about "connected experiences".
ape007  +   2343d ago
definatly agree and no one can disagree with your statement

xbl is just that good
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menoyou  +   2343d ago
Xbox Live doesn't feel "connected" so much as it feels like a separate service dedicated to an online community whereas the PS3 take on it feels like it's part of the whole PS3 system and not a separate service.

Personally, I prefer the PS3's version.
Campy da Camper  +   2343d ago
I totaly agree. I just posted in another thread about how I really wish Sony had cross game chat and party features. It is a very smooth design but ...

..MY problem is that the hardware I buy for it (console) breaks a lot AND dedicated servers are not the standard. Also, having to pay %50 a year and pray daily some reject doesn't close the room down with 5 seconds to go because he's losing SUCKS. That's half the reason I stopped playing WaW.

If PSN ever runs liks LIVE does now, my white little box sitting on my entertainment center is going on a date with craigslist. Sony's lineup is simply too stellar. I used to be able to afford using both units but lost my job and took a huge paycut so now it's one or the other. It's these choices in life that add lines to your face....

Guitarded  +   2343d ago
$50 is too much.
You can get better deals for LIVE in many retail outlets.
EDIT: I'm sorry the disagrees are correct. $50 is not too much. Even so, LIVE is still available for less than $50.
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GiantEnemyCrab  +   2343d ago
meno: "PS3 take on it feels like it's part of the whole PS3 system and not a separate service"

Do you have an Xbox? The minute you turn it on you are connected to the community and everything about it is integrated into the 360. I don't feel this at all on PSN except when in Home.

But that's cool we can agree to disagree.
el zorro  +   2343d ago
Xbox LIVE has a hundred little touches that make it feel integrated and give you a real sense of being connected to a community. I simply don't get the same feeling from PSN. $30 to $50 dollars a year is a small price to pay to get what LIVE offers, in my opinion.
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Arnon  +   2343d ago
How can Xbox LIVE not be part of the Xbox 360?... Xbox LIVE... IS the dashboard. Literally. You can only access the other features of the dashboard if you have a internet connection.

PSN is a tab on the dashboard with basic functions of a friends list, chat, and messaging (none of which have their own tab to help further organize itself. They're all just in 1 tab).
cliffbo  +   2343d ago
Arnon  +   2343d ago
Lol? How can you disagree with that?

There's only 1 tab on the entire 360 dashboard that is not dedicated to Xbox LIVE, and PSN DOES have the basic features in 1 tab. I mean... it's like right there.
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KingItachi  +   2343d ago
It's good for friends and sometimes random people, other that it an psn have the same problem with A holes and people not speaking.
cherrypie  +   2343d ago
PSN has a much worse problem with a-holes than XBL.

With XBL, i can rate (reputation) a player, I can avoid him, I can play only in certain zones and i can instantly MUTE players.

With PSN, their is no way to *AVOID* the arseholes.

The notion that XBL is populated with screaming children is bunk, I've used PSN and each time was blow-away with the screaming children there.
el zorro  +   2343d ago
I own both consoles and I can tell you, there isn't a damn bit of difference in the type of people found on each service. There are nice people on both services and there are a-holes on both services --in basically the same proportions. The main difference is, as cherrypie pointed out, that Xbox Live gives you a lot more tools to deal with the a-holes than PSN does.
KionicWarlord222  +   2343d ago
From article...

"I'm sold on the online thing now, and Xbox Live is to blame. For $8 a month, there's not a whole lot of technology out there that can provide the same amount of fun."

Another happy customer.
Kushan  +   2343d ago
I'd say, if you're like me and you shop around for the best possible deal on live when you need to renew (which gets you often around half the MSRP - I paid £24 for 12 months instead of £45 or whatever it is), it's worth the money at the moment. I'd say the MSRP is not.
However, Microsoft seems to be working hard to increase the value of the subscription, with things like 1vs100 and that free racing game they're doing later this year (a testbed for microtransactions, it seems) so who knows what the situation will be like 12 months from now. Might even be worth the MSRP.
Stryfeno2  +   2343d ago
There is no explanation why Live is the best...Its just something you have to try.
trancefreak  +   2343d ago
Microsoft will sell you anything ive noticed. Everything on live comes with a price and you know it. You cant get dik for free on xbl like you can on xmb what scam.
iDystopia  +   2343d ago
lol there are free things on XBL, and different things quite often.

Go download "Aegis Wing"....free XBL game and it kicks a$$ in 4 player co-op. There are older map packs that are free. XBL is HUGE. You have to find.

Whats all this free stuff I can get on PSN??? I sure haven't seen it, enlighten me so I can go get it. What Kung Fu Rag Doll because no one bought it?? lol
#8.2 (Edited 2343d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
KionicWarlord222  +   2343d ago
Well thers quite a lot.

compare this old list of free stuff.

qface64  +   2343d ago
its not worth it for me in my opnion

since i mainly just use it to get demos and download arcade games
Poopface the 2nd  +   2343d ago
but thats whay silver accounts are free. you can DL and connect, just not play online.
PotNoodle  +   2343d ago
Xbox live gold membership is worth it and i don't really have a problem with paying for it anymore, especially after this years live update announcement (twitter, 1080p streaming, facebook, games on demand, etc).

What i have a problem with is the fact there isn't a package that allows people to play their gamee online, unrestricted for free - that should be there no matter what imo.

They could easily do that and drop the xbox live gold membership of say £5 and i bet so many people would still use it simply because of all the great features on live.

I'm not sure if it is worth it to me personally because i don't use it that much, i'm on PSN 90% of the time, but i know there is value in there.
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The Lazy One  +   2343d ago
what would be the point of XBL gold then?
kewlkat007  +   2343d ago
Yeah it's like saying "Basic Cable Subscribers receiving "Free Pay Per View"
....or "Premium Channels", Yes already paying for Cable Monthly.

Well you do still have Free Over-The -Air Tv though..
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PotNoodle  +   2343d ago
For all the extra gold features?
The Lazy One  +   2342d ago
what extra gold features?
The "extra gold features" is being able to play games.
Why dis  +   2343d ago
Its worth it and in a few months its going to a dam good deal matter of fact its going to be a steal. Soon the fee issue can't and won't be valid.
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jarhead906  +   2343d ago
The fee issue will always be relevant. While the business model for Xbox Live is nothing new, the whole point of holding great features (separate from the actual Internet connection for online games) on the system and putting a price tag on it is ridiculous. Why should I have to pay extra to unlock things on my console's OS? Why should I have to pay extra to unlock online access to the games I already paid full price for?

The second question is my largest gripe with Xbox Live. While the system is definitely more cohesive than either PSN or Friend Codes, it doesn't warrant a price tag. As for a sense of 'community' for the Xbox 360, at this point it doesn't seem much more than an urge to use your computer and regularly post in the Xbox forums. I can do that also with a sense of 'community' on the PS3 and through the PS3's Web Browser.

Which then brings me back to my original point. It will always be a thorn on a rose for MS when dealing with the consumer. There are a lot of people that acknowledge the fact that your standard ISP speed performs EXACTLY the same on the PS3 as on the Xbox 360. This includes shared ups and downs. My Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare online match runs just as smoothly on PSN as it does XBL. At college I've seen my friends 360 drop connection more times than I can count while my PSN connection never disconnects in the same timeframe. I've seen my PSN connection drop just as many times at home while XBL stays connected.

This is just my personal opinion on the matter, but I will never see anything on XBL that is worth paying money for. If I only had a Wii to 'play' online with, then I would pay for XBL. If I only had an Xbox 360, I would pay for Live. However, I purchased a PS3 first, use PSN all the time alongside XBL and the differences are negligible.
starchild  +   2343d ago
Yeah and I shouldn't have to pay to get a PSP Go dammit. It's just not fair. If I buy PSP games I should be entitled to play them. Wahhhh

Seriously, can you be any denser? All of those features cost money to develop and money to maintain. Who says you should just get them for free?

Also, why do you think you are entitled to play online for free just because you bought the game? That would be like me buying a cell phone and expecting to get the service for free. In both cases it is understood that there is an additional cost and you know that going into it.

A lot of people today seem not to understand where things come from. Things don't just pop into existence, they have to be created. A lot of people think they are entitled to something just because they want it. That attitude is a big part of what got us into this economic mess.

(The differences between PSN and LIVE are not negligible. For anybody that really uses the services more than casually the differences are quite substantial.)
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onanie  +   2343d ago
Except if you already have a PSP3000, u don't really have to pay for a PSP-go.

Ironically, even if you were just being sarcastic, your pathetic comment is just as applicable to the farce that is paying for a service that is inherently free when you look elsewhere - namely PC and PS3.

For the primary purpose of multiplayer gaming, the difference is indeed negligible. In fact, it is arguable that the PS3 and PC models are an improvement, since more often than not, the servers are dedicated. Even if you argue that the ratio of dedicated servers are somehow similar.... well, one you had to pay for, and the others are still free.

Really, the prospect of paying microsoft so that I can use my OWN bandwidth to play the games I have paid for, does not sit well with me.
#11.3 (Edited 2343d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
jarhead906  +   2343d ago
@ 9.2
Ah, I was waiting for the 'entitlement' card to be dealt. I don't believe I'm entitled to anything. I understand that nothing is ever free, that things cost money to research, develop, market, etc;. TINSTAAFL, anyone? I understand it's more difficult to engage in intellecutal debates through the Internet, but you made some broad assumptions about my point of view.

Anyway, your argument about cell phone fees and the subsequent cost of service are valid. However, the fact that there has been (and still are) business models running equivalent online gaming services for free make that point invalid. It can be done, and will continue to be done. As long as I've been alive, all cellular phone companies and their respective services have always carried that additional fee. It is expected, as you said.

"Also, why do you think you are entitled to play online for free just because you bought the game?"

Most people, seeing that sentence by itself would laugh and suspect that it was a joke. Here is where your perspective, in my opinion, clearly, needs some fine adjustment. If you make a Steam account (free, if you didn't know), purchase Left 4 Dead and find out that you have to pay an additional fee to allow other players to play with you in the Campaign?

What about just the offline Campaign? You're playing Jak and Daxter only to find the last half of the game is locked because you need to pay $20.00 more to finish it? Every gamer IS entitled to the online for free because that IS the game. Usually when a developer includes a deep multiplayer experience in a game, it is meant to be the meat of the purchase. Again, it's been this way before XBL. That is the key difference. I know this ties into the "Dirty DLC Debate", but that's inevitable.

Also, nice use of pseudo-random rhetoric with our economic crisis. +10 internetz, but each one costs you an additional $0.50 USD.
BaSeBaLlKiD721  +   2343d ago
well i personally think that in-game chat and cross game invites are not worth the $50... i dont even use netflix and avatar system at all so why should i pay $50 just to play online while i could just get a new game for PS3 and play online for free?

i still paid $50 anyway since thats the main thing to have with your xbox 360 otherwise it wouldnt be worth owning the system
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Why dis  +   2343d ago
Thats funny I feel like selling my PS3 because the lack of online support from devs, content from 3 party companies and features on par with the 360/xbl.

I guess XBL is so rich with features, content and big updates because people pay for XBL's evolution.
#12.1 (Edited 2343d ago ) | Agree(17) | Disagree(13) | Report | Reply
snipermk0  +   2343d ago
you mean that you're gonna sell the PS3 that you "conjured" up in your imagination?
HDgamer  +   2343d ago
You can't sell something you never owned.
BaSeBaLlKiD721  +   2343d ago
yeah, i'm sure that you even have a PS3... there arent that many games that have exclusive DLC for xbox 360. i also dont really buy DLC unless its a game like call of duty so really, $50 is still not worth shelling out.

instead of netting exclusive deals with third parties using XBL money, why dont MS actually have dedicated servers for their games or even create new IPs?
#12.4 (Edited 2343d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(15) | Report | Reply
Why dis  +   2343d ago
Other services have to offer content and features on par with XBL to even be talked about. The money going to MSFT from gamers has helped build XBL to what is now and going to be, thats why other services are wasteland garbage only offering ad-ons and real news updates every two weeks unless you pay for news. MSFT's inhouse news is free.
Qui-Gon Jim  +   2343d ago
XBL gives you news for free, but makes you pay for online gaming.
PSN gives you online gaming for free, but makes you pay for news.
Six of one, half dozen of the other.
tripewire  +   2343d ago
PSN makes you pay for news? You mean the free news channel? That runs folding @ home in the background?
Qui-Gon Jim  +   2343d ago
I wasn't very clear
I meant Qore. While XBL makes you pay for gameplay and lets you have some Qore-like content for free, PSN doees it the other way around. I, personally, prefer getting gameplay for free.
DarkBlood  +   2343d ago
gonna get me a xbox 360 elite and my first game for it will be halo 3 odst
All Time Greatness  +   2343d ago
Dude Halo ODST ships with 25 multiplayer maps, a full Firefight seperate co-op mode and its the first open world Halo single player game with 4 player co-op. :D

Also in the next year or so we have:

Halo: Reach
Alan Wake
Forza 3
Splinter Cell: Conviction
Left 4 Dead 2
Gears of War 3
Crackdown 2
Mass Effect 2
Natal and all its games
GTA: Ballad of Gay Tony
....and even more because Micro hasn't announce everything for 2010 yet

...the best version of a big majority of multiplats, playable on the best online service. Also a back catalogue of 650+ games already.

That just probably sounded like a PR statement lol, but I'm happy and had to get it out. :)

Great time to be a gamer. :D
DarkBlood  +   2343d ago
titles im looking forward too are
halo 3 odst
forza motorsport 3, might even get the second one if i can find it but theres no storyline connected to it so probably shouldn't get the second one

id get left4dead but i already got it for the pc i was lucky enough that my computer could handle it just fine so sequal is on the computer since the engine graphics is essientally the same

mass effect 2 i will get on pc but since i heard it has improved the graphics somewhat better textures n stuff if my computer can't handle it i will get it for the 360 but will have to get the first one again so i can play through and do the transfer saved file to the second game

im not touching the gta 4 stuff as i already got it for the ps3 tried getting back into the game again but somehow i thought id never say it just felt compelled to finish the story but good story just gameplay felt like a step back

i'll get gears but im a total noob at it cuz it was too difficult for me when i played it at my cousin either that or he self the difficulty waaaay to hard lol

splinter cell looks good and etc

do you know anything i should get for when i decide to get online for it eventually?

also im deaf so i have a implant on the left which i imagine where the speaker will go for the mic set is there any other type of communications i could use to better understand these people as most people are @ss's and doesn't give a damn
Poopface the 2nd  +   2343d ago
dont worry
you can wear the mic speaker on the left or right side. but most games dont have text chat that I know of.

LOL-- dont worry. If you say anything about 360, even if you praise 360 and ps3 youll get disagrees. Even in the 360 section, there are massive trolls on this site.

you can send text mesages(or voice) to peoles profiles through LIVE tho, but its a pain to text if you dont have the chat pad. And you can send and recieve theses while in any game to anyone that is connected to LIVE.
#14.3 (Edited 2343d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
DarkBlood  +   2343d ago
i dont normally say this but what was the disagree for that wasn't a statement against anything i have 2 portables and the other 2 system i was bound to get the 360 at some point just afraid of the rrod which my cousin reasured me that thats over now

and if your going to disagree reply like a man and tell me your reasons for it
Stryfeno2  +   2343d ago
You know XBL is good when other companies is providing what XBL offers. Party system, Downloadable games, Cross game chat, Achievements and ect... to name a few.

If XBL wasn't so great, then why follow in its footsteps?
#15 (Edited 2343d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
360usetobegood  +   2343d ago
They never stop
Same useless articles over and over... Glad you like Live. Have fun.
DelusionalSonyDroid  +   2343d ago
M$ bots just dont get it.

Everyone wants PSN for Home, Killzone and Uncharted and everyone knows it. You cant get trophies on XBL....sorry only on PSN!

Soon Sony will just buy Xbox Live and then we will have Playstation Network Live....M$ has no chance anymore.
Stryfeno2  +   2343d ago
*takes the pot out of DelusionalSonyDroid hand and takes a puff*

MAN!!! This is some good sh!t. *cough, cough*
KionicWarlord222  +   2343d ago
*takes the pot out of DelusionalSonyDroid hand and takes a puff* MAN!!! This is some good sh!t. *cough, cough*
lol.....you crazy.
Obama  +   2343d ago
Well obviously DelusionalSonyDroid is a xbot..don't tell me u bots can't tell.
iDystopia  +   2343d ago
He sounds just as pathetic as a real droid. Its funny knowing hes joking. You droids are a laughing stock.
KionicWarlord222  +   2343d ago
you called him osama...

Obama  +   2343d ago
By calling me Osama it only proves that you are either a disgruntled Mccain lover, a redneck, or a terrorist. ;]
starchild  +   2343d ago
I don't like Obama or Bush (or McCain). Both of them are socialist/fascist morons who have helped to really mess things up.

Anyway yes it was obvious DelusionaSonyDroid was doing a parody of PS3 fanboys and he nailed it. Careful though, you are almost too convincing and you might start having PS3 fanboys bubbling you up, LOL.
#16.8 (Edited 2343d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
iDystopia  +   2343d ago
Bubs up Starchild

In one article I saw "TheMart" calling him a dumb droid and everything! He thought he was a real droid.

I was ROFL when I saw that.
Obama  +   2343d ago
It's so obvious that some of the bots like Mart and Patchstation fell for it.
starchild  +   2343d ago
Maybe so Obama, but what does that say about the real Sony fandroids?
Obama  +   2343d ago
yeah what? I don't see them getting butthurt in this article. I only see a xbot imposing as a sonyfanboy and some of the other bots fell for it.
iDystopia  +   2343d ago
Wow one article where desperate droids aren't acting like absolute morons in the open zone.*Claps... no droids are online except Nasim and his multiple accounts*

Still look at the Gamer zone and all the disagrees and Droids justifying their inferior online, when this has nothing to do with PS3.

In PS3 articles you rarely see disagrees and such because no one cares, PS3 has lost. Theres no reason to still act stupid. Thats why I have so much fun teasing droids, they act sooo desperate 24/7.
#16.13 (Edited 2343d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
badkolo  +   2343d ago
when did live become 8 bucks a month.

he keeps saying 8 bucks a month for live. it never was 8 bucks and never has been 8 bucks.

xbox live is 4 bucks a month and if you do some searching oyu can find it for cheaper.
LiL T  +   2343d ago
The best things in life are FREE *edit*Yup keep disagreeing why douche with multiple accounts.
#18 (Edited 2343d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(13) | Report | Reply
Stevie Ray Vaughan  +   2343d ago
Lets say we are both starving right now.
You can go eat Mcdonalds free left-overs that no one bought that day.

I'll go spend 15$ for a Steak Dinner.

KionicWarlord222  +   2343d ago
I would take the New york steak...

LiL T  +   2343d ago
Yes while you pay $15 for your steak, I will go fishing, get me a salmon and use the vegetables from my backyard to make a complete meal. Oh yeah my salmon will last longer and its FREE.
Guitarded  +   2343d ago
Free Salmon and veggies.
Not exactly. Tackle costs money. As did the land you planted those veggies on. Then there is the gas, bait, waders, hat, sunscreen, seeds, water, fertilizer...
aaronisbla  +   2343d ago
Not really a good comparison Steve...
really duh  +   2343d ago
"keep disagreeing why douche with multiple accounts."

I thought people disagreed because you are saying PSN is better because its free in 360 related articles. LMAO somebody with *10 accounts* reacting to somebody praising something not on par with live *because its free* *in this 360 post* is the only way you could ever get dissagreed with.

On topic. If you like simple and free fine but don't pretend simply being able to play online on other services puts them on par with LIVE and your're not missing out on anything.

#18.6 (Edited 2343d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
LiL T  +   2343d ago
for one all this talk about food is making me hungry. For two, If you read my other posts you know I have a ps3 and have nothing against xbox. Infact I am looking forward to buying one in october for forza 3, crackdown 2 and mass effect 2. Now I am going to fire up the bbq and make some steaks, potatoes and open a beer. (mmmmm mouth is watering ) @reall duh, I made a very simple statement and people seem to be blowing it out of proportion. It is not my fault people are insecure.
#18.7 (Edited 2343d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
aaronisbla  +   2343d ago
oh, not surprised by the disagrees..
A better comparison would be: Both sides get a new york strip steak ( online gaming ) which would be the main course. 360 users would pay to get extra side items like potatoes and salad ( which would be the extra features live has ).

Now ur meal would have been free but because of the extras u a have on ur plate, the place you are eating from decides to charge u for the full meal.

bottom line is what most players want out of an online service is to play their games online ( duh right? ), whether you choose to pay for it or not is up to each person. Some act as if the missing potatoes and salad from the course makes the steak taste bland, which isnt true.

Thats not to say that the steak with the extra side dishes isnt good mind you, i think its awesome, but im not one to pay too much for side dishes...
KionicWarlord222  +   2343d ago
Wonder what else they can add to xbl. They have the community games(indie games) ,cross game chat,8 player party chat, Netflix .

Then coming there integrating twitter , last fm , facebook,on demand,avatar store,sky tv(uk),and 1080p streaming....*tears for the 1080p streaming*

What`s next?


Last year i asked the same thing.
The Xbox Empire  +   2343d ago
hehe I totally agree
I feels like there isnt much more they can do now, but you know MS...they will redo the dashboard again in 2-3 years....probably keep adding gameshows like 1 vs. 100....think of more features like Party mode where you can share movies and such.

Im so spoiled by XBL now that I don't really think I could game any other way, I enjoy being connected and sending invites on the fly so much. XBL really is a community of gamers.

It's kinda like the Country Club of online gaming. XD
cherrypie  +   2342d ago
What else can they do?
A more feature rich-Messenger client that;

Allows In-game PC-Xbox 360 Video-Calls.
Allows In-game PC-Xbox 360 Voice-calls.
(ie: the holy-grail "living room videophone" built up from LIVE Messenger and totally ubiquitous (who doesnt have Messenger? Want to make Video Calls from your Living Room to your aunt-with-a-PC-in-Florida? Get an Xbox 360)).

They'll also build out Primetime. I really think people are missing the implications of PrimeTime. It is a unsettling "direct from the Internet" broadcasting channel. Their is *zero* reason that PrimeTime couldnt simply compete directly with Broadcast and Cable television.

The mass interactive titles are just an added bonus :) - ie: A version of Jeopardy/WoF/Price is Right (!) for Real Cash and Prizes - ie: totally awesome and unique to Xbox 360.

IPTV via MediaRoom/WMCE will roll-out in a bigger-way.
#19.2 (Edited 2342d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Tinted Eyes  +   2343d ago
honestly the xbox's hd is so small it can probably only hold like 2 full games, and all that twitter and facebook stuff, the ps3 already has a browser to do that stuff already

not worth 50 dollars a year
KionicWarlord222  +   2343d ago
onestly the xbox's hd is so small it can probably only hold like 2 full games
Well the 20 gig can hold probably 3 games...but that`s still not enough...your right.

You would have to buy a 120 gig...in till microsoft agrees with me and drops the prices of the hdd`s and bring out a 320 gig.

really duh  +   2343d ago
Microsoft needs to drop the price of HDDs and release a bigger HDD.
For games all you need is enough room for one game because you own the rights to full content you purchased. I have a 120gb HDD and I still keep all of my Xbox original games on Microsoft's servers and not my 120gb HDD, I just download them when I wan't to play them.
cherrypie  +   2342d ago

No. They dont need to add a bigger HD. They need to allow for Network attached storage that can be mounted to your Xbox 360.

This could be added with a Service from W7 and/or Windows Home Server.

Id vastly prefer this to a bigger HD on my Xbox 360. Why else? Because I'd like my Downloads to be available to *all* the Xbox 360s in the house. Ie; I dont want to download my content onto every Xbox 360, i want it served to each Xbox 360.

I'd be suprised if MS isnt thinking about this.
Poopface the 2nd  +   2343d ago
I think its worth it
I dont even have it right now, im on silver. I do think the features and improvements are great. I do wish they had free online gaming and offered all the other stuff for the fee, but it isnt that much, and you can always find it for less thatn 50 for 13 months.

I love taht the haters are people who dont use it.

All these haters better pray that it never offers free online gaming, or else it will have an effect similar to a price cut.

My favorite game is cs"source but i can still see the value of live.
Qui-Gon Jim  +   2343d ago
"I love taht the haters are people who dont use it. "
On both sides.
Poopface the 2nd  +   2343d ago
well me personally I dont comment about psn
Why? cause I dont have it and dont care for it. If I was in a psn article Id see your point, but im not.

I dont see nearly as many "xbots" in ps3 news as I do ps3 fans in 360 news.

Most people with a 360 dont give a crap about ps3, but alot of ps3 people cant stand anything to do with xbox.

Maybe thats just on this site tho.

one thing I see alot is diehard ps3 supporters trying to justify their ramblings by saying the other side started it, but that just seems like something little kids do, and I dont think it happens much on this site anymore as its ps3 fanboy central.
#21.2 (Edited 2343d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
new orleans vl  +   2343d ago
The thing with xbl is we dont want servers,we like having psp, because that gives us a matchmaking system. A MM system is much greater than sever,because it matches you with people of your own skill. and im not taking about games like cod(because this is not a MM system, it does not match you with people of your own skill. i have both ps3 and xbl(which i still pay for) and the only game i bought was killzone(and i didnt like it so i sold it to gamestop. now i have no games in my ps3 collection.
Sonyslave3  +   2343d ago
pass that sh!t over her. *cough, cough*

Ps3 is the best man fvck yall man ps3 is only console on market where you can play your games in 4D and 120fps.

Man this some strong sh!t is this Pineapple Express .
DelusionalSonyDroid  +   2343d ago
You M$ BOTS will soon feel the wrath of the Super Cell supercomputing processor, only possible on PS3!!

Judgment Day is coming soon with the release of GOD OF WAR 3 thy silly little BOT! There isnt much time left for M$ XBUTTS.

Enjoy your DLC and XBL why you can, its all you have left.

Soon Sony will be King again.
swiftshot93  +   2343d ago
speaking from experience: the biggest thing is the whole party system, and the avatars. PSN lacks avatars and party system. Also LIVE is more unified but its nothing that would put it head and shoulders above competition. Its mainly those 2 features I listed that do.

Edit: Its more "polished". It says what your friend is doing exactly, the gamer score isnt a nuisance to find, in-game dashboard loads faster than in-game XMB etc...these little things you know...

Worth the $50? Doesnt matter. No matter what people will keep paying to play online...
#24 (Edited 2343d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
Conan-O-Brady  +   2343d ago
So what exactly are you paying for ?
If silver members get access to downloads and everything , but not online play . what exactly are gold members paying for . Thats right ladies your buying what PS3 owners get for free , The right to enjoy that game you paid 60 bones for to its full extent ....o_0.... Guess it's true ..........there really is a sucker born every minute ...
Tinted Eyes  +   2343d ago
yea i know they really think they can justify paying 50 dollars year for a few extra features like cross chat well in actuality at the end of thet day you just wanna kill people online

kinda sad, ill keep my $50 and buy another game thanks

oh and DeDiCaTeD SeRvErs lol
#25.1 (Edited 2343d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
KionicWarlord222  +   2343d ago
oh and DeDiCaTeD SeRvErs lol
Unreal,left 4 dead and front lines have dedicated servers.

There`s dedicated servers on xbl ...not a lot but it`s there.

@ below

Well how can someone pay for dedicated servers if every game doesnt have it and it`s up to the dev to put them in the game.

Also the upcoming game section 8 is alowing players to pick there dedicated servers.
#25.2 (Edited 2343d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
aaronisbla  +   2343d ago
Although i don't agree with having to pay to play ur games online
not all games on live are p2p, some use dedicated servers last time i checked.

Live is a great service but i just can't justify paying when the main thing players really want it to do ( which is gaming online ) is free for others. The extras are great compared to psn but worth $30 - $50 a year? Thats up to the individual to decide
cyborg6971  +   2343d ago
They're both fine live is a bit more intergrated but not worth 50 bucks a year come on no dedicated servers for first party games please psn is right there with them but i like live just a bit better for the x game invites and overall ease of getting friends together maybe i should write a blog reading Live is Cool cause I said so enough already panzy pukes with internet.
Conan-O-Brady  +   2343d ago
Thats what i'm talking about
More people need to set aside there corporate loyalties . Everyone needs to step back and take a long hard look at what they're paying for . Didn't you pay for those dedicated servers when you bought those games ?
#27 (Edited 2343d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
MriownBOTH  +   2343d ago
3 dollars a month man i don't really care what im paying for...all i know is that i have a ps3....and ill gladly hand over my petty change to Microsoft for a better experience.
MriownBOTH  +   2343d ago
# 1 reason.....but there are about 100 reasons.
I have more fun with my friends on xbox live

i Dont have fun with freinds on psn
keysy420  +   2343d ago
how out of date is this article why are you comparing your 360 to a ps2 oh i know why its a crap system
Saaking  +   2343d ago
I'll admit i used to be a PS3 fanboy; however, I recently got a 360 and I have got to say that Xbox live is worth it. It's very nice and everything seems integrated into the xbox. I like it as much as I like PSN. :)
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