Trine pre-order $30 on Steam; free Shadowgrounds

Shacknews writes,
"Following the release of an impressive demo for Frozenbyte's very attractive action-platformer Trine, the PC version is now available for preorder on Steam.

Trine will cost $30 on the service--as opposed to the reported $40 retail pricetag--and will include a free copy of Frozenbyte's co-op, run-and-gun shooter Shadowgrounds as a preorder bonus."

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Megaton3371d ago

Wha?! Didn't have this one pegged as a $30 - $40 game, especially since it's on the PSN too.

dragunrising3371d ago

My reaction exactly...

The game looks great but I'm not sure I'm willing to pay much more than $20. The game better be 20 plus hours or I see no reason to purchase it. I suppose $30 is better than $40...:-(

singhjeet293371d ago

I forget where I saw it, but I believe it was on Gamespot, when they discussed the Downloadable game of the Show. They said Trine would be 20 bucks on the PSN.

I hope thats still the case, 20 dollars for a game is a PSN game limit for me, unless its a full fledged game, but if its that type of game I'd rather get a hard copy.

barom3371d ago

And I've been running around saying it's a day 1 purchase for me. Figured it might be 10-15$ but guess I was wayyy off. A great game but at 30$ I'm very hesitant.

aaronisbla3371d ago

When did this jump up in price?

DFogz3371d ago

Depending on the length of it I'll still probably get it on the PSN. Just finished the PC demo and I loved it!
GamesPlanet has it as coming out next week! I hope it's true I can't wait for this game.

dragunrising3371d ago

I downloaded the demo on PC but my computer couldn't handle it...sad, I know. I suppose thats what I should expect when my computer only has a GeForce 6100.

Ellessdee3371d ago

i was really expecting this to be $20 maximum. $30? im not so sure about this anymore, probably wait for a price drop. i dont like spending that much money on digital stuff.

kanok3371d ago

$30seems a little bit expensive but it impressed me in the demo

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