Rumor: Blue Dragon gets dated - 22nd May 2007

That's right, this blog header pretty much says it all! Xbox 360 owners in Singapore as well as other westernized countries can soon look forward to playing Sakaguchi's newest RPG masterpiece come May 22nd.

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God of Gaming3894d ago

Yikes.. I hope now, Blue Dragon, Forza 2 and Halo 3 beta within a week???

I only have 24 hours a day....

ChaosKnight3894d ago

This is interesting, but I'm confused, So does this mean everywhere except North America? Cuz I thought westernized countries are countries that imitate North America in specific subjects (example: kind of government)...

But if it is for North America, that would be killer! One of my Most Anticipated game this year for me =D

DrHooker3894d ago

Uh, North America is not the western world. It is part of it, along with western europe, australia, new zealand, etc :)

Ban Me3894d ago

Not all Western countries imitate America! Some of us actually have our own cultures and way of life, most of which pre-date the existence of America as you know it now.

But I suspect by "Western" they mean territories other than the likes of Japan where it is already out.

Either way, its awesome news but its going to be an expensive month with lots of must have releases out round about then.

Drew3894d ago

This is complete bogus. The guy just wants attention.

One3893d ago

i cant wait to play it
always been a fan