Modern Warfare 2: Can it compete?

As the sixth entry in the Call of Duty franchise, this next game brings back developer Infinity Ward as the general in command. asks the question, "Can Modern Warfare 2 compete?"

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TheDeadMetalhead3376d ago

CoD4 is still one of the (if not the) best FPS games this generation. Of course it can compete.

Lord_Ranos3376d ago

I have to disagree with u the game is great but not the best of this gen.

y0haN3376d ago

Compete? It will knock everything else down single player and multiplayer wise, whether it has new features or not :D

TheDeadMetalhead3376d ago

Opinions will vary, but you still have to admit that it's pretty damn good.

Marcelles253375d ago

COD:4 is the FPS of this generation, THE series of this generation

other games have to compete with it!

the thing with this game is the CONTROLS AND MULTI-PLAYER

thats what makes this game amazing, mostly the controls and weapons, how they feel when you shoot, the different attachments you can add. thats what makes MODERN WARFARE, MODERN WARFARE

GOTY between and this Uncharted 2 you cant deny it

along with some other sleepers that might get it Splinter Cell, GT5(trust me ill put my life on it this game is coming out this year), Forza 2, left 4 dead 2 and Killzone 2 these are just some that may get picked by 1 or 2 websites not overall GOTY like the first MW, GTA:IV, left for dead or littlebigplanet

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TheIneffableBob3376d ago

...what does the title have to do with the article? The article just summed up what happened in the E3 presentation.

Gamer_Politics3376d ago

MW2 will break records this winter

tdogchristy903376d ago

Of course it will compete, it's like any other game. No matter how popular a game is, games that come out after it have a edge up because they are the new game and are "fresh". Even if MW2 is absolutely awful which I totally doubt, it will have some amount of popularity just because it's new. It was that way with halo 3, then when Cod4 came out, then kill zone 2, this will just be the next big thing and eventually something will come along that will out due it.

kewlkat0073375d ago (Edited 3375d ago )


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