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"Given the shortage of hardcore PC-only games these days it's refreshing to see an independent developer such as Bohemia Interactive striving to achieve such a lofty goal - that of a fully immersive military simulator playable on a standard (albeit powerful) PC, not a supercomputer. One can well imagine the technical and gameplay compromises that would have had to been made if Arma II was a multi-platform title for both PC and consoles. As it is, the game struggles to run at a decent frame and uses pretty much every keyboard combination you can think of.

Ultimately, while Arma II isn't the most realistic tank or flight simulator, these elements are of secondary importance compared to the infantry warfare gameplay. What's more, I can't remember the last time a company released a proper tank or flight sim on the PC, let alone one that simulated combined-arms warfare.

Yes, Arma II still has a fair number of bugs, yes it runs like a one legged drunken horse from time to time but no game, civilian or military has come this close to simulating the terrifying, vulnerable world of the modern infantryman. Poor bloody infantry indeed."

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XLiveGamer3311d ago

Well i wanna see comments from those that bash this game and Op Flashpoint 2 now that the ARMA2 DEMO its out. Fnck COD Modern Warfare, fnck Killzone, fnck GRAW & fnck every other FPS War game wanna be real games NOW.

morganfell3311d ago (Edited 3311d ago )

There are a huge number of bugs in the demo. For a title that spends a great deal of time with the infantry, they should have fixed the AI which suffers from the same game killing issues as Armed Assault. And it isn't just the infantry. They still can't get a helo pilot to fly into a LZ, flare, drop troops, and move out. Any helo that hovers over the bad guys, hangs in the air like the beginning of the first demo mission is going to get aired out by enemy troops.

Also we still see very little destructability from the environment making it possible to hide from a tank in a tin shed. Lip synching? What lip synching. Also using the same character of Koslowski from the original OFP - the guy sounds like he is 15 - wasn't the right tact to take just because Bohemia wanted to ram a stick in Codemaster's eye.

But if they were going to fix anything it should have been that AI.

KionicWarlord2223311d ago

I think it still is going be competition with operation flash point, modern warefare 2, and killzone 2.

evrfighter3311d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

why would you buy this game just to play against AI? I know about the online co-op mode but a game with this much potential is best played in team deathmatch.


I have the demo and was very impressed by it. The only problem I had was connection problems online. Only in one server so it probably was the host. But if a 30 man group made this game then woweeee. Very impressive.

Vecta3311d ago

Bohemia is a small independent company with around 30 employees, running on a small budget. And with a game like this its hard to find funding from a big publisher.

You really are way to pessimistic.

ChampIDC3310d ago

Yeah, for such a small company to make a game like this, imagine what they could do with a bigger studio and better funding.

morganfell3310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

No, you are wrong. Including all of their personnel they have more than 30 personnel. And if you are going to get in a rock fight with Codemasters then be prepared when they pull out an RPG...

The AI is extremely important. One of the reasons BI is improving their realism is they are drawing on assistance from BIA - their branch responsible for VBS2. If they are going to continue to have those military customers - and it is responsible for a lot of the money, most actually, that flows into BI then they better fix the AI or military customers will move on to something else. If you don't think AI is important you didn't play Armed Assault because there were tons of online matches that were Co-op. AI matters...a lot. Saying it doesn't is incorrect and a cop out.

If something is broken it is broken. Reviewers shouldn't give out pity awards because a company is small or large. If you are going to run with the big dogs you need to be able to piss in the tall weeds. At the end of the day coulda, shoulda, woulda is meaningless. What was in the box is what matters. Particularly when that box carries a standard price tag.

evrfighter3310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

it's like you havn't played but are basing your opinion on what someone else said.

There is no quality loss even if a 30 man team made this. If I were to rank online fun factor the demo ALONE kept playin for many many hours last night and today. Something I havn't been able to do since cod4.

The only issue I came across was connection issues. either shoddy netcode or just poor servers. I'll reserve my final judgement for when some real dedicated servers go up.

surely going on my very very short must buy list. Im not predicting the second coming here but this game was built around quality. It's quite a different approach to the FPS games I'm used to. I've played these kinds of games before and the problem with these games is that they are slow as all hell. With this one a good firefight is just over a hill or through a wooded area away.

but please explain away as to how somethings broken when I've played in lots of servers without connection issues. just because your pc blows doesn't make it the games fault.

morganfell3310d ago

No I have played. And not just the demo either.

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teh-panda3310d ago

Liked the demo. The little squeal that could.

cpuchess3309d ago

Though this game has plenty of issues to be addressed with future patches, it's an awesome game. It will definitely stress test your PC as well.