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Submitted by marison 3224d ago | news

Two World's to Oblivion: Your Nice but We are better, Hello PS3

According to development team making Two Worlds for the PC, XBOX360 and thats right PS3 "Oblivion" is completely nice, but we can do that better. Some hefty words of bravoda right there, but it looks like they are backing up there words so-far according to Heiko who got some hand on time with the PC version. Not only did he witness green hills, dense forests, swampland, picture-beautiful beaches, white glaciers, detailed vegetation with high draw distance, detailed animations using Motion Capturing and impressive weather and night and day cycles. (PC, PS3, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Two Worlds, Xbox 360)
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Ru  +   3224d ago
I wanna play!
freeza  +   3224d ago
Sevir04  +   3224d ago
well it seems like oblivion has competion
lol!!! as far as i'm concerned its good to see more games coming to ps3. espcially now that the ps3's user base is something more devs are willing to work with, 3.6 million is a number that can generate profit for developing... as i'll say this i never cared too much for oblivion on xbox360 and didn't even give it a go on my ps3 so i think i'll pass on this game as well. for everyone else who likes this game enjoy it at it's release
Bhai  +   3224d ago
Here goes another 360 exclusive !
First were:

-Saint's Row

-NG Sigma(totally not a remake, a total overhaul with new
stages, 1080p, self-shadowing, no-loading, 60fps, dual-weilding etc.)

-Test Drive Unlimited(its on PS2, another 'living' Sony platform and other than gfx, it is feature perfect !)

-Enchanted Arms

-Two Worlds...

I am very hopeful for Bioshock as well, I think it will be announced after its launch on 360 !!!
TheMART  +   3224d ago
Dude you know most of those games were 360 exclusives at that time because...

The PS3 wasn't out?

There is only one former XBOX 1 game on there, NG, which is from years ago.

The others: timed exclusive (by the lack of PS3 delaying)

Now there are some real PS exclusives coming over, follow me on this one:

DMC 1,2,3 on PS, nr. 4 also on 360
GTA 1,2,3 on PS first, nr. 4 same day on 360 launch
Virtua Fighter 1,2,3,4 on PS, nr. 5 also on 360
Virtua Tennis 1,2 on PS, nr. 3 also on 360

We can go on like this, but the ones that you name have never been real XBOX exclusives.

Thus: the PS is loosing real exclusives, XBOX isn't. That's what we can conclude from this all.

@ Peestree (below)

Prove me wrong then. On my words. On the games. If the PS3 was out in spring 2006 you would also have had GRAW 1. But it wasn't there, so you got GRAW 2.

What I say is clear. The PS looses games that began their IP on the PS2. XBOX hasn't lost an exclusive IP which was on XBOX 1. Ninja Gaiden 1 you get a remake, but nr. 2 is still (timed) exclusive on 360. Again waiting 2 years maybe for a remake?

Prove me wrong. You can't. PS3 biting the 360's ass? With what exactly? COD3 30fps instead of 60fps that the 360 has? Uhm all those other rippoff versions of multiplatform games?

Resistance? Don't make me laugh. COD2 launch game on the 360 looks better then that. Motorstorm? 8 tracks although there is a BluRay player onboard?

The only ass that the PS3 is biting is... it's own
PS3 is the one that is loosing exclusives. Next on the list MGS4 and FF
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PeeStree  +   3224d ago
haha Fart Mart
Copypaste, that should be your name.. You're running out of things to say since the PS3 is biting 360's @ss..

Don't beat around the bush xbox is loosing exclusives and it will continue to do so.. PERIOD
gta_cb  +   3224d ago
ya see there TheMart goes again, proving someone else wrong haha

@ PeeStree and if i remember correctly so is the PS3. both systems are going to have a lot of multiplatform games, there is one game i can say will absolutely stay as an XBox 360 exclusive which is Halo 3, but all the others and this includes the PS3 exclusives, well anything could happen just like what happened with Ace Combat, and now Dragonball Online (which btw is going to rock!)
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Hayabusa 117  +   3224d ago
@ Retarded Bhai
Saints Row was never a PS3 exclusive, and Volition always said they're making free-roaming games for next-gen platforms.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma...Oh Lord, it's a PS3 exclusive...when was it on the 360? And it IS a remake...(1080p, rebuilt levels...they REMADE it.)

Test Drive unlimited has always been down for the PS2, PC, e.t.c.

Two worlds was never announced as a 360/PC excluive.

What a desperate list.
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ChefDejon  +   3224d ago
i diidnt
know two worlds was coming out for both consoles thats nice
FCOLitsjustagame  +   3224d ago
Gee I guess the last two worlds post was crp
About a week ago you had someone post a news story about the two worlds graphics looking like xbox1 graphics. Good to see that news story was, as expected, in error.

I have been waiting for this game. I keep getting antsy as it seems to keep getting pushed back. I was hoping to play it this summer but I guess I can wait if they will make it even better.
techie  +   3224d ago
maybe it was the ps3 version lol
CrazzyMan  +   3224d ago
+1 game for ps3
don`t care about this game.. =)
but well, atleast ps3 getting more games. :)
Dread1981  +   3224d ago
hmm nice
nice to see the ps3 is getting games aswell :-))
tehcellownu  +   3224d ago
im glad its comin give many other ps3 fans that like this game to enjoy it..i might give it a try..

360 lost enchanted arms, saints row, oblivion, sp doublt agent,graw, two worlds, fear..
PS360PCROCKS  +   3224d ago
Um none of those were ever exclusive you idiot they were "ONLY ON XBOX360" because it's the only thing they could be on, my god people are moronic sometimes. It's not like any of those games are a big deal anyways. Like Mart Said Virtua Fighter, DMC, GTA and Virtua tennis are far bigger deals than anything you listed
power of Green  +   3224d ago
You forgot about Ace Combat, its funny how somebody dissagreed with THEMART what he's saying is true.
power of Green  +   3224d ago
The 360 did not lose those games; the 360 was out first so devs went ahead and released games on the only console out, why is that hard to understand?.

Those games you mentioned are not established Xbox exclusive games, trying to turn PS3s late arrival into some sort of Sony victory LOL LOL LOL.
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FCOLitsjustagame  +   3224d ago
My question
Is it possible to comment on the actual game in this news item or is this an "exclusive" hardware peeing contest news item?

I have high hopes for this game. Because it was developed after Oblivion it has to opportunity to be better. Although I think the publisher would be better served putting up instead of jabbering about how better they are. If they are better the consumers will be the ones jabbering.

Also, I hope whatever that is in the picture actually is in the game and not just some boxart or somethig.
Xeoset  +   3224d ago
I've been watching this game for a while...
...And I've been impressed so far. Hopfully porting it to the PS3 doesn't mess up the 360 version, I don't want to have to play degraded PS3 shaders.

Oh and anyone wondering:

Fatal Inertia
Devil May Cry 4
Virtua Tennis 3 (PS3 Version didn't even get online play)
Virtua Fighter 5
Ace Combat 6
Assassins Creed
Grand Theft Auto 4
Mercenaries 2
Dragon Quest IX (Series is now on the DS)
Resident Evil 5

...Just to name a few. The PS3 Cows are bragging about rubbish games like Saints Row + Enchanted Arms and games from literally nobody developers like these? Have fun with our year old games and rubbish ports, you guys need them.
Robotz Rule  +   3224d ago
Stupid begger/s ^^^^^
Yea that's right.get on your f'king knees for good games coming from other consoles!!!
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xfrgtr  +   3224d ago
Very good news,Lost planet is coming to ps3,another loss for 360:"Jack Symon, Capcom's director of brand marketing, told GameSpot.
When asked about the possibility of Lost Planet coming to the PlayStation 3, Symon was vague. "I do think you are going to see announcements going forward with a multiplatform strategy,"
XBOX is losing more and more exclusives.Im sure Two world will be much better on ps3 since the xbox360 is "old gen" compared to the ps3
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BlackIceJoe  +   3224d ago
Fx35 I do not think that is what the guy was meaning. I think you reading out of context. I think what He is saying is future games will be multiplatform and that means Lost Planet 2 and Dead Rising 2 will also be on the PS3. I hope I am wrong though but I think that is what He is saying.
Dorfdad  +   3224d ago
Nice of you guys to see the images up on we are brand new, so please stop on by and sign up and post on our comments section as well please!
power of Green  +   3224d ago
Not LP he was just saying future titles could be anything, I wouldn't anwser either Sony fans seem to be upset about not having Lost Planet.
PS360PCROCKS  +   3224d ago
Why do you want Lost Planet anyways it's ridiculously hard and unbelievably frustrating, and you move like your running through a tub of molasses. It's a sweet game visually, it's fun online but it's not really that big of a deal, it's not a bad game by any means but it's really frustrating at times I stopped playing it for a while
ElementX  +   3224d ago
If the PS3 version is coming out, it's still going to be the same game as the 360 version, meaning Bluray won't be necessary. Same with GTA:IV and DMC 4. Bluray is just a movie format for the most part. I'm waiting for more exclusives and a lower price before I buy my PS3. I hope my PSP comes in the mail soon! :) :) :)

BTW, all you haters are on here but you don't even put up your online gaming names. I'm Magickal Mo on 360. I think more of you should show yourselves instead of hating everyone behind a mask of online anonymousity.
CaliGamer  +   3223d ago
Partly Agree
Multi platform games probably will not use the Bluray initially, but in time I think you will see games come out that will need more space than DVD can deliver. The PS3 is heating up, its just a matter of time, mark my words.

Nice work with the word you made up bro, "anonymousity", a combination of anonymity and animosity. Kudos to you for moving the English language in a new direction my friend.
sumfood4u  +   3224d ago
lalaland  +   3224d ago
TheMart: you should check your sources...
-> 4.1 TheMart

I hope you are aware that:

1. Virtua Tennis 1 was on the Dreamcast and NOT on PlayStation 2
2. Virtua Tennis 2 wasn't a PS2 exclusive - it was also out on Dreamcast
3. Virtua Fighter was on Sega Saturn + others, and never on PlayStation
4. Virtua Fighter 2 was only released on PS2 almost 10 years after its initial release on Sega Saturn
5. Virtua Fighter 3 was on Dreamcast and never on PS2

Don't use silly arguments again and again that are pure imagination on your part, please...

Everybody knows by now, that exclusives are a thing of the past. Yeah, X360 will have some firstparty and MS published exclusives, as well as a bunch of PC-ports... PS3 will have a lot of firstparty or Sony published exclusives as well as a few quirky Japaneese titles... But come on, we all know that the big thirdparty titles are gonne be multiplatform at the beginning of this "next-gen". Not news anymore... Not worth getting all upset about...

Btw, wasn't Full Auto sort of exclusive for X360? Then they decided to do the FA2 exclusively on PS3...
ER1X  +   3224d ago
highps3  +   3224d ago
I hope a year later you can make a better game
Especially when you have a reference to go by.

Sorry but not anything special, it should look better.
agent864  +   3224d ago
release date?
is 09.05.07 September 5 or May 9th (american or european)
FCOLitsjustagame  +   3224d ago
I would say September since it had been listed in June and I figure it got pushed back. I looked what day in the week each of those were to see if there was a clue but found.

May 9 = Wed
Sept 5 = Wed

So no clue there. I think it got pushed back to Sept. Too bad.

EDIT: from official site:

"Two Worlds" fans in Europe must be patient for a few weeks longer than originally planned before starting to explore the enormous world of Antaloor. The release date has been put back to May the 9th 2007. CEO Alexandra Constandache: "It's the atmosphere of a game that really suffers if the balancing isn't quite perfect or if annoying bugs make life difficult - especially in the RPG sector. We're fortunate enough to be in a position where we ourselves can determine when our game will be marketed - and we have taken the decision to postpone its release for a short time. The time gained will be used to further perfect the multiplayer aspect. We'll be publishing more info next week about this feature."
"Two Worlds" will be released at the beginning of May for PC and Xbox 360 in English, French and German localisation."

So I think the US date 26 June 2007 is still good.
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lilwingman  +   3224d ago
Just another case of the "this gen is so expensive so most third-party will be multiplat". Doesn't bother me though. Two Worlds sounds like it has a lot of promise. As a primarily 'RPG/Action-Adventure only' gamer, I'm happy to see the PS3 picking up another big name title.
Jay da 2KBalla  +   3224d ago
Since sony fanboys
are apparently losing they damn minds about which exclusives have actually been lost.

Ps3 lost: Virtua Fighter, Virtua Tennis, loss GTA timed exclusivity, DMC4, Mercs World in Flames, Fight night(yea you forgot about that one), Bladestorm hundred years war, unreal tournament, fatal inertia, ace combat 6, assasins creed,

360 lost: oblivion and enchanted arms

Wow 360 is really losing exclusive titles. sarcasm.

lilwingman: Now two worlds is a big name title. Before when everybody thought it was just on 360 and pc you sony fanboys kept talkin down and disregarding the game and now that its on ps3 its all of a sudden AAA? You sony fanboys are the most ridiculous bunch of hypocrites I have ever seen.
#25 (Edited 3224d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
lilwingman  +   3224d ago
I'm not sure if that was directed specifically towards me, but I've posted in other threads about the promise that Two Worlds holds way before I found out it was coming to the PS3, so don't try to group me as one of your little Sony fanboys. Like I said, I'm primarily an RPG/Action-Adventure gamer, and I give games and developers dues when I think they deserve them, regardless of the platform.
n4g sucks  +   3224d ago
i thought this was about oblivion????
after reading half way down the comments , i forgot what story everyone was commenting on....bla..bla..bla..... do microsoft and sony pay euro fanboys???? what the fu@k!!!!. i bet 75% of you dont even own a next gen neighbor brought over a 360 today and i was going to go online and beat the sh!t outta ( themart, power of green , xbox360rocks, but all of these guys dont even have gamer tags listed...why not. you talk trash over a keyboard but dont list your gamer tag???...what are you scarred of (pu$$ys)??? i havent started a live account yet but my ps3 gamer tag is list your gamer tags..pick up that controller...and lets get it on..if you dont have a 360 or ps3 and you wont list your gamer tag. your opinion doesnt mean Sh! stick a sock into your mouth hole to keep your gums from flapping...
Uganda64  +   3224d ago
You've got it all wrong
Oh you sneaky Xbots, always looking for an excuse to make it look like 360 has exclusives. Console exclusive! MS exclusive! They made it for 360 because PS3 wasn't out so it doesn't count!
Give me a break

Here's the definitive list:
Xbox 360 lost exclusives (PC/360 -> PS3 apparently counts according to Xbots)
Saints Row (million+ sales)
Enchanted Arms
Kane & Lynch
Two World
Oblivion (million+ sales)
Assassin's Creed (YEP. It was made on 360, always ran on 360, and was even announced as Project Assassin at the X05 (2005) event. That;s before the E3 2006 event when it was announced for PS3 for people wondering)
Next up: Lost Planet, Dead Rising (or their sequels in which case they're not lost exclusives, just multiplatform series like Katamari etc), Bioshock, Splinter Cell 5: Conviction
Lost game (canceled for 360, used to be multi): WarDevil

Yes, those WERE 360 exclusives. Just because they don't have only on 360 doesn't mean they weren't exclusively announced for 360 with no mention of PS3. Not that the stamp matters, look at Enchanted Arms.

Devil May Cry 4
Virtua Fighter 5
Fatal Inertia
UT 3
Mercs 2 (HUGE stretch)
Armored Core 4

But people are overstating the loss here, and understating the 360 loss. Look for example at DMC4, the biggest loss. It's a multimillion selling series on steep decline. First party R&C and J&D outperform DMC on a regular basis, so it's not as bad as people make it out to be.

GTA, no. If timed exclusive is a proper exclusive (like this was back in the PS2 days), then Virtua Fighter 5 is a PS3 exclusive forever.
GTA was always multiplatform. Always.

Fight Night, NO! It was on Xbox, GC and PS2 last gen. WTF? It's EA ffs

Assassin's Creed NO! Explained above

Resident Evil 5? NOOO! RE4 was exclusively GC to begin with, all the other games were on other platforms, and this one was announced for both 360 and PS3 to begin with!@ HOW was it a lost PS3 exclusive?

DQIX? NO! See below.

Apart from that last one, people just seem to be listing games Xbots gained after being starved last gen, not exclusives PS3/PS2/PS1 lost.

Only games that were announced exclusively for one platform then went multiplatform are lost exclusives. Sequels appearing on both with no announcement, despite being previously exclusive are not PS3 exclusives. Logic will help you here.

Otherwise, GRAW, Ninja Gaiden, Full Auto, Ridge Racer (6 exclusively on 360) are more lost 360 exclusives. And that's just not true.
That means Ace Combat, Katamari etc are not PS3 lost exclusives.

And uhh, NG2 wasn't even announced yet theMart. Certainly not exclusively (even timed) for 360. They made NGS to see if NG sold well on PS platforms. If it does, hello PS3 NG2.

Oh, and whoever said that Saints Row is crap and how Virtua Fighter 5 and Virtua Tennis 3 are much bigger is a fool. SR sold 1 million in 3 months, more than VF5 will in a lifetime, and probably more than both Virtuas combined. Nor was VT3 ever a Playstation # exclusive.

I bet you'll all go calling LA Noire a PS3 lost exclusive even though it was announced for next gen consoles.
##? (Edited 3224d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Phantom_Lee  +   3224d ago
somebody with real knowledge

btw, why is everybody keep mention Enchanted Arms? I though that game was really bad..
spacetoilet  +   3224d ago
Hey, Bethesda know their $h1t mangs....
Do you think that because this game is newer and may look better than oblivion, that it means it will be a better game? Sheeeeit! I highly doubt it. Bethesda have been making quality rpg's for years and are great at what they do. It will have to be damned huge and, have a good universe and story etc to blow elder scrolls games away.
No chance.
Dukester101  +   3223d ago
If this game surpasses the greatness that is Oblivion or the Elder Scrolls series, then I will be very impressed.

We learned with Gears of War that great visuals do not always make a great game. Sure this game may top Oblivion in the graphics department, but can it hold up in gameplay.

I was new to the Elder Scrolls series with Oblivion, and it is one of my all-time favorite games. Bethesda knows how to make a great game! Again, this game looks promising, but I will be surprised if it can meet Oblivions standards as a great RPG (and not just graphics).
spacetoilet  +   3223d ago
Morrowind was better!
Morrowind was even better imo. The graphics are dated now but it was even bigger than Oblivion (allot bigger) and just way better art design. Oblivion is also allot more simplified than the previous games, but still one of the best Rpg's ever.
Havince  +   3223d ago
if you seriously thought
saints row was an exclusive you need a new hobby, coz u obviously know jack
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