Halo 2 alpha/beta VS Halo 3 alpha/beta

See the real difference in Halo 2 and the upcoming Halo 3. By comparing early builds of Halo 2 against recent footage of Halo 3, you can truly see how far Halo has come and just how far it will go.

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techie3968d ago

Nice. Good music too...made it feel epic

crazyman3968d ago

I realy like the halo 2 dirt textures, they should have kept that :)

FordGTGuy3968d ago

The Pre-Alpha in Halo 2 that DIRT room was awesome.

TheMART3968d ago

So this will shut all Sony fanboys up that said the Halo 3 alpha build looked bad. That's what Alpha stuff is. You see Halo 2 alpha didn't look anywhere near the final version.

Thus, Halo 3 Alpha already looking this good... Imagine what'll be when it launches. INSANE

It will say... Gears of what?! Like they told us. Damn. I'm prepared to finish the fight!

Extra Guy3968d ago

Shish do people here have short term memory loss or something? It's Gears of War, happens to other games too like GTAIV to name an example. People it's written on the side for God of Gamings sake ;)

The great 13968d ago

Well your sitting fantasising about this footage i will be showing my gf sexy time while playing my PS3 haha!

TheGoodMART3968d ago

mart is a gaymer he does not like girls

gta_cb3968d ago

OMG there is a good mart!? lol silly Sonyfanboy! haha!

the funny thing is, when the mart actually starts arguing with someone on here he is the only one to prove stuff with links etc while everyone else just writes things which in the end are proven wrong by TheMart lol

consolewar3968d ago

you got some fanchicks. lol it's quite funny and sad at the same time.

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unsunghero283968d ago

You can't really compare two games made in the different generations... Different games will be developed differently. Sure, Halo 2 made a lot of improvement, but that doesn't necessarily mean that Halo 3 will.

FordGTGuy3968d ago

How game development works.

TheMART3968d ago

"Sure, Halo 2 made a lot of improvement, but that doesn't necessarily mean that Halo 3 will."

You're funny dude.

IT WILL. That's how it works with alpha/beta in the end to final. It just shows that on the same level of builds, Halo 3 is a giant jump in terms of graphics, gameplay, physics etc. already.

Halo 3 will rock, it will sell many 360's next Christmas

MoonDust3968d ago

They are sitting around right now figuring out how to waste time. Next time you have a thought, let it go.

PS360PCROCKS3968d ago

Bubbles for you, excellent comment. Had to definetly laugh at that one

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